Friday, December 21, 2007

SignsSeen Customer Service

I am very fortunate to have a website that sells many signs. And, not only does it sell many signs, but many people buy some of these signs. (They still buy some in December, but December is certainly not "peak" portable sign season.) And, very occasionally, a SignsSeen buyer has to work with customer service to get an issue resolved. These are some of the issues that have come up:

  • Returns: SignsSeen sells signs. And, we sell them at the fairest price we can. If a sign needs to be returned, SignsSeen will work with our supplier directly to resolve OR we will take the item back ourselves OR we will do what is reasonable to be fair to the customer.
  • Certificate of Origin: This requests does not come up often, but customers have requested this from the manufacture. Once the certificate of origin was provided to me, I got it notarized and forwarded on to the customer.
  • Exchanges: SignsSeen wants you to have the correct item. If the wrong item is ordered, the item will go back directly to the manufacturer for exchange OR SignsSeen will exchange it from their inventory.
  • Questions on Orders: If an order is placed that seems incomplete, SignsSeen will contact you by phone or email. (i.e. a Neo-Link letter is ordered but no power supply OR if the 060 letter track is ordered with 030 Plastic letters) If the customer does not reply, the order is canceled and the money is refunded back to their credit card or PayPal account.
  • Undeliverable Orders: Just the other day a Swinger Sign was sent to a customer on the west coast. Shortly after the order was shipped, the tracking # was emailed to the customer. Ten days after the sign was sent, the customer contacted me. The sign hadn't arrived. And, the UPS site said that UPS had tried to contact the customer to get a delivery address, but they were unable to do so. The sign had just been sent back the day she called. She wanted me to send her a new sign. And, on this same order, she claimed she had never received the OPEN NEON SIGN that UPS said was already delivered. I could have resent her another Swinger Sign, but I just refunded her ALL of her money and apologized for the inconvenience. I want to sell signs, and I expect those that order signs want them. If I sense this is not the case, I will make the customer whole and continue to sell signs to those who want them.
  • Completing W-9s: SignsSeen does this all the time. Make a requests, and we will try and complete in a timely manner. We can respond in either email or fax.
  • POs: Before sending a PO, please call. When we receive blind POs, we often know nothing about the company issuing the PO. Give us a call and let us know you are sending a PO over. We have done this for churches, schools, and many businesses. We want to help you get the portable sign you need.
  • Money Orders: Go ahead and complete your order on-line, and mark "Purchase Order/Money Order" when you check out. Once the check arrives, we will complete the transaction and order your sign.
Other questions or problems with any past order? Let us know, and we will make every effort to help you get it resolved. Visit and call with any sign questions you may have.



Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Am I selling everything in the picture?

Well, no.....

Recently, I was contacted by a company in the central United States. They wanted to buy a pole mount sign, and once I provided the shipping quote, they purchased the sign. I had some communication with the manufacturer and the shipping company, so I felt confident the sign was going to get there. At this point, I had stopped tracking the sale.

BUT, two days after the delivery, I received a call from the company. After the formalities, I was asked, "Where are the poles?"

My quick response was, "I am not at the office right now, but I don't believe that poles are listed in the bulleted list."

When he responded, "Well, I think it is false advertising when you show something in the picture and don't provide it."

After evaluating what my possible responses might be, I countered, "I use this only for illustrative purposes, but would you expect the wall mount signs to come with a wall?"

After his pause, I said, "I want you to be happy with your purchase, and I in no way meant to respresent what you purchased. Do you want me to take the sign back?"

He then responded, "I will check with my managers and see what they want to do."

They have since bought an additional set of condensed changeable sign letters and they kept the sign...


After this, I have now have a disclaimer on the Double Pole Mount Sign category page. I don't want anyone to ever feel I was being anything less than honest with them. And, if I get the opportunity to talk to you about a sign, I want you to feel the same way.

Happy Holiday from SignsSeen!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What type of Window Signs are available?

There are a variety of window sign choices here. These are signs beyond Neon and LED signs. The are signs that will cling to the windows or will mount in the window area. They have great visibility from the street and are very easy to change.

  • The Triplex Message Board Sign uses the same letters as the Swinger Message Board family. It does come with fewer letters, but since it is single-sided, there should be plenty of letters for nearly any message.
  • Pre-made window cling signs: These are signs that have a variety of common messages commonly used by businesses. They come in sets of 5 or 10--pick the signs you want in your own kit.
  • If your message isn't available in the pre-made window cling signs, buy an entire set of letters and create your own message.
  • If a banner or flag is to be displayed, another option is the Super Sucker with Banner Pole. This option includes the Super Sucker product that will stick to any non-porous surface. It can get in front of your customers in a way that a window cling sign cannot.
  • If the message is very simple, "When are you Open and Closed?, checkout the Open-Close Sliding Message Board Signs. These signs have color options and can come in vertical or horizontal. But, they give the basic message every company needs to provide--your business hours.
If you have further questions on this or any other sign products, please let me know.

Window Signs

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What is new with the Swinger Signs? (September 27, 2007)

The Swinger Product Line continues to grow. Over the past few months, a few new products have been released.

The newest Swinger/Springer/Tip-n-Roll signs have the same size face, BUT they have 5 inch letters with 5 available lines of display area. (The original product had 7 lines of 4 inch letters.) And, the new signs do NOT have a deluxe option available. These signs provide:
Also, some new CarTopper products have also been added to the product line.

Besides the "Swinger"-style Cartop sign, there is also the Ready4Graphics sign. And, the "Flyer" Cartop sign will be hard not to notice. And, these signs often avoid the sign restrictions created by using sidewalk or roadside style signs.

And, if a Swinger sign is not for you, visit the site for other sidewalk style signs. And, if you don't know what sign is best, give us a call or post a question. We are glad to give advice.



Thursday, September 20, 2007

Can I put an indoor LED sign on my computer network?

As I continue to get questions, I have found a few product that allow you to hook your LED Scrolling Message sign up directly to your computer network using an Ethernet connection. Of course, there is a cost to have this technology, but there are certainly advantages.

  1. The computer with the LED scrolling message sign software does not have to be connected directly to the sign. This sometimes gets to be very cumbersome. The cable needs to be 6 or 10 or 20 feet long to make sure it hooks up. And, the cable is sometimes hard to easily hide as it winds its way into the serial port on the back of the computer.
  2. Anyone with a computer on the network within the company can program the sign. No longer is this task reserved for just the person lucky enough to have the computer closest to the indoor LED scrolling message sign.
  3. Multiple indoor LED scrolling message signs can all be on the same computer network and programmed from the same computer. If a company has multiple entrance points or places that a LED message center is used, the same message can be quickly sent to all of the signs. Because an indoor LED sign is so great at displaying messages that are quickly available, this makes them even more attractive for improving company communications.
How does it work?

Most LED message signs come with a cable. One end is for the led sign, and the other end is a serial port destined for a port on the computer. The Ethernet "box" allows the serial end of the cable to be plugged in on one side, and it provides an Ethernet port on the other side. This allows easy integration into a computer network. [Most single line LED signs also come with a remote that allows for programming, and a USB converter can also be purchased to allow computers that don't have serial ports (i.e. some laptops) to still use computer software to program their signs.)

If you are looking for one of these devices, visit the SignsSeen store. And, if there are further questions, give me a call.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How can I keep my portable sign from blowing over?

This is a good question that many people are concerned about. And, I get this question a few times a week. I will try and give some hints I have either tried or been told work.

Sidewalk Signs: This would include folding sidewalk signs, Swinger signs, Tip 'n roll signs, Springer signs, A-frame signs, or any other sidewalk sign that has a pretty narrow base.

  1. A-Frame Style signs: Many of the A-frame signs have a chain that connects the two sides of the sign. When the sign is fully opened, this becomes an ideal spot to put a sandbag or possibly a cinder block.
  2. Hollow signs: Not all of the signs meet this description, but my folding sidewalk style sign does. It can be filled to keep it from leaving the ground at the first gust of wind. And, many of the Plasticade style signs also have the ability to be filled with either sand or water.
  3. Swinger signs: Because the Swinger sign has a crossbar on both the front and back, the Swinger sing is the only sign that would allow sandbags to be put on both the front and back of the sign. Also, (I haven't tried this) tent pegs should also work on the Swinger sign. Pound the tent peg into the ground, and make sure the "hook" is secured over the crossbar.
Roadside Portable Signs: These are the arrow portable signs, the black signs, and any other name you have for a portable sign along the side of the road.
  1. Big Black Signs: The large black signs are a hurricane proof product. They have screw on letters, and this product should hold up well for you in the wind.
  2. Arrow Portable Signs: Having had a bad experience with a trampoline in the past, I can say with confidence an auger style earth anchor would be a GREAT tool in holding down a sign. The website I found these on also offers retaining straps, but I am sure properly used bungy cords would also be very effective.
  3. I sell a wind/vandal cover for the signs. This would help with letters being blown off, but it does not give the sign much additional weight. Other vandal covers are on piano hinges mounted to the sign. Depending what these are made of, they will also provide some weight for the sign.
Have you used any other methods on your signs? Are you convinced none of these methods will work? Let me know. I look forward to hearing what others have experienced.



Friday, August 10, 2007

How do I assemble my Swinger sign?

In about 15 minutes (this includes help from my daughter and time to take pictures), I easily assembled a Swinger Message Board sign. This would also be the assembly instructions to be used on:

  1. Swinger Deluxe Message Board
  2. Swinger WO/WO Sidewalk Sign
  3. Swinger Sidewalk Sign Ready-4-Graphics
  4. Black Swinger Message Board
  5. Black Swinger Deluxe Message Board
  6. Black Swinger WO/WO Sidewalk Sign
  7. Black Swinger Sidewalk Sign Ready-4-Graphics

I am including the Swinger Sidewalk Sign Assembly instructions. And, I will make comments and show a few pictures along the way.

  1. Install anti-slip feet by pushing feet into the holes on the bottom of Uprights and pressing drive pin in completely to lock foot in hole. The cushion went in pretty easily-you may want a small hammer to tap in the drive pin.
  2. Attach cross tubes to uprights using cross tube inserts (small bushings) and truss head bolts. Put tub insert into cross tube (small end in), slide cross tube into deep recess of Upright, insert Truss head bolt and tighten. Repeat until both cross tubes are in place. After securing the caps in the ends of both crossbars, the crossbars need to be securely pushing into the uprights. Once the crossbar is firmly placed in the uprights, the screw can be easily tightened. A flathead screwdriver is necessary.
  3. Measure 13 1/2" - 13 3/4" (35 cm) down from the top of sign face and mark edge. This is where the cross rod will slide through sign. You will need a tape measure to get the right distance--as you can see, it is VERY easy to do.
  4. Attach sign to uprights using sign holder busingh, know bushing, threaded cross rod and knobs.
    • attach knob to one end of threaded cross rod
    • slide on knob bushing, large flat face against knob.
    • insert threaded cross rod into hole at top of upright from outside edge.
    • slide on sign holder bushing, "U" channel facing in.
    • insert threaded cross rod into sign face at mark 13 1/2" - 13 3/4" (35 cm) from top
    • slide on sign holder bushing, "U" channel facing sign
    • insert threaded cross rod into hole at top of upright
    • slide on knob bushing, large flat face out
    • tighten knobs firmly making sure sign face sits in "U" channel
    • I tightened both of the sides of the sign simultaneously using both my left and right hands--this worked fine for me.
Helpful Hints
  • Decorate sign face before attaching to sign base. Keep design simple for maximum impact.
  • To transport, tip sign on one upright and hold from other upright. Sign is only 24" wide and will fit through any doorway.
  • Swinger Sidewalk Signs are designed for winds up to 20-25 mph. In the event of high winds bring sign inside, put sandbags on crosstubes, or add sand to ballast port on inside of Upright by prying out cap. The crossbars are pretty heavy, but I certainly believe these cautions are accurate.
The Swinger series of signs are VERY easy to put together. I sell many of them, and as I continue to write about other signs, they will certainly be a sign I will compare the others, too.

At SignsSeen, we try and really know the signs we are selling. If you have questions about the Swinger series of signs, sidewalk signs in general OR any other type of sign, please contact me with your questions.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Neo-Link Products Arrive at SignsSeen

I received my sample of Neo-Link products last week, and I am very impressed. I put them to the test, and this is what I found.
  • I like the option of 3 colors-pink, green, and blue.
  • They can be mixed and matched in any combination of colors.
  • Besides numbers and letters, the Neo-Link system offers percent signs, "blank spaces", periods, and a variety of other symbols.
  • The created sign can sit on a counter, or hang on a wall.
  • The sign can be created for interior or window display.
  • The created sign can be used for home (What a unique gift!), shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, parties, exhibitions, dorms, and any indoor area.
  • Although I don't have final pricing yet, the numbers I have heard are very reasonable for the purchase of a typical created sign.

The negatives I found:

  • Connecting the individual Neo-Link letters was a little difficult. Some of the Neo-Link letters popped right into place, and some of the letters were a little challenging. Due to the construction of the individual Neo-Link letters, connecting one letter to the next letter involves a "sliding" together of the two pieces. It takes a little practice.
  • Once the first piece is hooked up to power, the final piece can cause a small shock. It is recommended that the whole sign be assembled before attaching the Neo-Link power supply.
  • Each individual Neo-Link has to pass power to the next piece. When connecting one Neo-Link letter to the next letter, one must be careful with the "power-passing" metal corner. It can scrape the skin slightly if you are not careful.

The positives I found:

  • I really like the colors.
  • There are other changeable sign letter systems that I have tried. This is an attractive system that gives a good "bang" for the buck.
  • This is a durable system.
  • I love the look of neon, and this system delivers a real nice look.

I look forward to any questions any of you may have on this system. Look for more information on this system on either or

Thanks for reading,


Thursday, July 5, 2007

What kind of battery powered LED signs are available?

I wish this could be a longer posts, but there are fewer answers than I would like.

  • Solar Powered LED signs: These signs are larger and outdoor. They won't meet the needs of everyone, but for the right application, they are perfect.
  • Cigarette lighter adaptor: There are a few of these out there. Often they are attached with double-stick tape to the rear window. The programming takes place from the driver area.
  • LED Signs directly wired to battery: For the commercial market, I have mostly seen LED License plates. They are wired directly into the battery, and they are controlled by a little remote.
  • Battery Powered LED Signs: There are a few in this category, but they all have their problems:
  1. LED Digital Name Tag: I have a previous post on these. However, they are great if used as a name tag. Otherwise, the print is to small. The on-board programming is a little tough (computer programming also available)
  2. "Limo Driver Sign": This sign does a pretty good job. It is computer and on-board programmable. The battery-life is 8 hours, and it is not to bulky. The biggest negative is the sign can probably not be seen for much over 100 feet.
  3. Battery/Electric powered on a stand: The sign I am thinking of is the TE349. It is available many places on the net. It is only on-board programming. The letters are pretty big, and the ability to run off of electric power are also good. The biggest negative is when a battery powered sign is required, the 2+ feet of length makes this sign a little bulky.
  4. LED Desktop/POP display: Not in all cases, but in many cases my customers were VERY disappointed with the size of the letters on this sign. I put the caveat on my website, and I don't push these to hard. BUT, I do get requests for battery powered LEDs, and I feel obligated to mention this one.

If anyone has come across other battery powered LED signs, please let me know. I would love to make them available to my customers. And, I also accept any other questions/inquiries.

Andy (

Sunday, June 24, 2007

LetterLED Sign System

I received my LetterLED sign items this week. This is an excellent sign system.

  1. It is easy to setup. I simply took the two rods and put the spacers on them. I undid the well wrapped letters and clipped them on to the sign rods. All of the letters went on VERY easily. I clipped the power supply clips to both rods, AND the sign let up.

  2. It is very easy to change. While the sign was lit up, I easily changed the letters on the sign display. And, this was done while the sign was still plugged in. NO problems with shock or anything like that.

  3. Four color choices: The letters come in either red, amber/yellow, blue, and green.

  4. It is VERY bright. I was really pleased with easy the sign was to see.

One negative with the LetterLED sign system

  • You need to be careful with the clips. If the clips are forced on the rod they might snap or bend.

I am very glad I tried this product. If you are looking for a low-cost customizeable sign system, I encourage you to visit the SignsSeen site.

Andy or

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Salvaging a Roadside Sign

If you have an old roadside sign (i.e. 4' x 8', 40" x 6' or 40" x 8'), various parts for the sign can be purchased to breath new life into the sign. The only thing you have to decide is do you want to put new pieces in an over-the-hill sign.

  1. The Frame: If the frame is dead, you should very serious consider a new sign. I have had machine shop people call me saying they want just faces for the sign, but for the most part if you don't have a good frame to start with, the sign frame should be retired.
  2. The Sign Faces/Panels: Faces can easily be reordered. However, if the faces do not come close to 4 ft x 8 ft, 40 in x 8 ft, or 40 in x 6 ft it might be hard to get the sign face as easily. Custom sign faces can be ordered, but because it would be a custom face, it would not be returnable. You will also need to specifiy what size letters you want on the face. If you are ordering the sign face with tracks, you will need to order the sign face so the track will be correctly installed for the letters you have. (i.e. 6" letters or 8" letters are most common) Lastly, if the sign track is being installed for you, specify 030 track or 060 track. (None of my suppliers install 080 track, but this is also an option for sign track.)
  3. Ballast: Depending on the age of the sign, the ballast could still be under warranty. But, if it is not, most do-it-yourself stores will have ballast that can be used.
  4. Bulbs: Whether you have an arrow sign or just a regular lit sign, the bulbs are going to burn out. The do-it-yourself store will also help you hear. BUT, if you have a non-lit sign and want to make it lit, things get a little trickier. It can be done, but consult with an electrician before you do so.
  5. Letters: And, of course, letters. I have written on this before, but besides the other issues, the letters must match up with the sign track on your sign faces.
  6. Wind protectors: Some customers have previously purchased a sign, and then want to add a wind protector (aka vandal guard). The product I sell needs at least a half inch of metal frame to attach the velcro to. This allows the sign to securely attach to the inside face of the wind protector. BUT, because the wind protector will hold in extra heat, make sure you inquire about the letters you are using. If the heat becomes to intense in the summer time, the sign letters could possibly melt to the sign face.

If there are other questions visit or please contact

Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Mystery of Changeable Sign Letters

There are a few questions I am commonly asked about changeable letters.

  1. What thickness are my letters? The most common thickness is 030. Most signs you buy come with these thickness of letters. If you are able to put your letter in the top track and bow the letter and drop the changeable letter in the bottom track, it is 030 thickness. If your letters are 060 or 080 thickness, you are sliding your letters in from the side. If you have a flourescent letter black sign, the letter thickness is 4 mil. These letters are on a plastic cardboard material.
  2. What size letters do I need? The sign letter panels are often an inch or so longer than the actual letter on the panel. For instance in my experience, the most common size is "8 on 9". This mean an 8 inch letter on a 9 inch panel. (The panel is really closer to 8 15/16 inches in length.) If you are using a Swinger style sign, the letter panels are 4 inches tall. If you are buying letters for a portable roadside sign, the letters are likely 8" letters on a 9" panel. And, if a roadside sign, they are probably condensed font.
  3. What font are my letters? As stated above, condensed is the more common. If you choose a BOLD font, the changeable letter panels are a little wider. And, depending on the overall size of the sign, the sign letter row done in bold letters may have 2-3 panels LESS than a sign letter track done with CONDENSED letters. There are other fonts to choose from, but the most common are the BOLD and CONDENSED.
  4. What letters can I get to draw attention to my sign? A couple different directions to go here: 1) Purchase letters that are double the size of your original letters. (If you have 8" on 9" letters, purchase letters that will be 18 inch tall panels. ) This allows the same sign tracks to be used, but the letter panels span over one of the tracks entirely. The individual letters are quite a bit more in cost, but they are great for putting up the words "SALE" in big letters. Of course, the whole sign can't be big letters. The other letters could be the smaller type. 2) The most common letters are black with red numbers. A variety of color options are out there. In the case of the flourescent letters, they are quite a bit more expensive. However, if they get your sign noticed they are eventually going to give you a proper return.
  5. What if the characters I want don't come in my set of letters? I don't have a great answer for this, but I do have one.....electrical tape. If you can get access to some blank sheets of acrylic (or some sets of changeable letters may have some blanks), simply create the letter you want on the acrylic using the electrical tape. It may not hold up to real tight scrutiny, but it will allow you to get your message out therewithout cursing the guy who sold you the letters. ;-)

If there are any questions, either visit or contact me at

Sunday, May 6, 2007

What type of LED scrolling message sign can I put in my store window?

There are a few considerations. I will cover them in no particular order:

  1. Letter Size: If you use the assumption that 1 inch can be seen from 50 feet away, you should consider a 4 inch or taller LED scrolling message sign. In some cases, a 2 inch tall sign may be adequate. However, it is always safer to have a sign seen from farther away than necessary rather than not seen from the street.
  2. Brightness: The safest decision to make is going with a "semi-outdoor" sign. If you would choose an "indoor" LED scrolling message sign, it would not be seen very well outside. The indoor LED sign might be visible at night time, but the indoor LED sign will not compete with direct sunlight. Thus, the semi-outdoor scrolling LED message sign is the safest choice.
  3. Sign length: What is the size of the message that you want visible at one time? If you want to show "Sale Today" on your sign, a 36 inch or 48 inch long or maybe even a 24 inch LED sign will display your message without scrolling. If your message gets much longer than 10 digits, you will need to choose the 48" or larger scrolling message sign. Of course, most message boards will display your message, but scrolling will be necessary.
  4. Window dimensions: Make sure you measure the width of your windows. A big sign will not do you any good if you cannot install it where you want.
  5. Power: Typically, the LED signs come with a 10 foot or slightly longer power cord. Make sure you plan your installation so the power is easily available. And, extension cords are always an option.
  6. Programming the LED scrolling message sign: Most of the larger indoor style signs are programmable using a computer. The software comes with the LED sign, and the sign attaches to the computer and software using a serial cable. Some newer computers do not come with serial ports, so a USB cable adaptor is available. And, many of the smaller indoor signs also come with a remote. Both the computer and remote are good options for programming your LED scrolling message sign. If many messages are going to be programmed, it is best to use the computer. And, the remote can be used to change pregrammed messages OR to create new messages.
  7. Connecting your sign to your computer network: This is not an inexpensive option. But, if you choose to do this, the ethernet device will cost about $200.
  8. LED Sign Color: Color really comes down to preference. I would suggest red, but others may suggest other colors. The LED signs typically available are red, amber, blue, and multi-color (amber/red/green). Other colors area also available, visit my site to see other Indoor LED Single Line Scrolling Message signs or contact me,

Folding Sidewalk Sign, Quik Change or Swinger--Which one?

Well, it really depends on the application. I will list a few benefits and the winner of each category: (If you have other specific questions, please let me know.)

  • Portability: Either the Folding Sidewalk or the Quik Change. Both of these signs fold up easily. They could easily fit into a car (i.e. a realtor moving a sign) or they could be picked up and removed from the sidewalk for the night. But, if you are just taking the sign in for the night, the Tip 'n Roll sign is a very good choice.
  • Flexible/Versatile: Quik Change - The Quik Change SS-120 sign gives many options. If you want to print your own sign, the SS120 will work. If you want to have markers and design your sign, the SS-120 is still the answer. And, if want to put messages up on your sign, the SS-120 will still provide a solution. Basically, the SS-120 is a portable sign solution that provides a very flexible solution for all sidewalk sign options.
  • Popular: Swinger and Tip 'n roll - For convenience and ease of use, these signs are consistent top sellers.
  • Lit: Folding Sidewalk Sign (aka: Sandwich board sign or A-frame sign) This sign does come with a optional light kit. But, if a sidewalk sign is not your goal, the larger black signs with flourescent letters might also be an option.
  • Wind resistance: Folding Sidewalk Sign is the winner here. If ballasted, this is the winner. But, if staking your sign is an option, all of the signs will become much more wind resistant.
  • Value: Swinger - The Swinger is readily available from a variety of online sign suppliers, and it has been tested in the most effective way - many customers own them. And, they are a portable sign option that will continue to be available.

If any questions on portable signs or sidewalk signs, let me know what other help I can provide.


Monday, April 23, 2007

New Sign Products

At the recent sign expo in Las Vegas, I saw a variety of new items that are sure to be just the right sign for somebodies needs:

  • I saw a manufacturer of solar-powered LED signs. They are available on a trailer OR they can be used for you other LED needs but with MUCH smaller power consumption.
  • I saw some changeable LED sign systems. The new system is similar to the LEDGO system already available, but this sign system does not have the dead space found in the LEDGO. The letters snap on bars, and come in different colors and sizes. A little more expensive than LEDGO, but still a nice system.
  • A new polycarbonate sign face is now being used in some of the standard roadside signs. The signs have better UV protection, and on the new product, they have 6" letters instead of 8" letters. In the right application, 6 lines of text per sign side might just meet your needs.
  • I also stumbled across a sign manufactured that is doing some things with LED sign feeds. They are feeding off of satelites or something. As I get more info, I will tell you about it.
  • I was contacted recently by a supplier that is offering an interchangeable neon sign product. The letters come in 3 colors, and the sign can be up to around 20 characters long. I am looking forward to finding out more about this product and telling you more as well.

As other items come up, I will certainly tell you about them here. But, if you get impatient and want to see what is available now, you can visit my site at

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why an LED name tag?

The name tags of old don't allow the wearer to show their personality like an LED name tag. I do believe the other name tag styles mentioned will still have their place. However, an LED name tag creates a stage for the wearer to show off his uniqueness. Some of the qualities that make LED name tags very attractive are:
  • Moving messages: Everyone may be wearing a lanyard or a name sticker, but when a message comes across a name tag that is displaying a moving message, every set of eyes that views it is being dared to turn away.
  • Programming Convenience: LED name tags allow multiple messages to be stored on the same badge. This allows for a good variety of messages, and when computer software can spare your fingers all of the programming work, your messages can be VERY creative. There are also options in scrolling speed and flashing effects.
  • Instant gratification: Once a standard name tag is created, the wearer is stuck with it. An LED name tag allows the message to be changed at the push of a few buttons. Stale messages are a thing of the past.
  • The Perfect Accessory: An LED name tag can go with any other name tag and enhance the message of the wearer. And, although red is the most popular, LED name tags can come in amber, green and blue.

Where is it going next? I believe the LED name tags have a good life ahead of them yet. And, I am sure the next generation name tag will build on some of the features mentioned above.

If you are interested in finding out more or purchasing LED name tags, to to