Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why an LED name tag?

The name tags of old don't allow the wearer to show their personality like an LED name tag. I do believe the other name tag styles mentioned will still have their place. However, an LED name tag creates a stage for the wearer to show off his uniqueness. Some of the qualities that make LED name tags very attractive are:
  • Moving messages: Everyone may be wearing a lanyard or a name sticker, but when a message comes across a name tag that is displaying a moving message, every set of eyes that views it is being dared to turn away.
  • Programming Convenience: LED name tags allow multiple messages to be stored on the same badge. This allows for a good variety of messages, and when computer software can spare your fingers all of the programming work, your messages can be VERY creative. There are also options in scrolling speed and flashing effects.
  • Instant gratification: Once a standard name tag is created, the wearer is stuck with it. An LED name tag allows the message to be changed at the push of a few buttons. Stale messages are a thing of the past.
  • The Perfect Accessory: An LED name tag can go with any other name tag and enhance the message of the wearer. And, although red is the most popular, LED name tags can come in amber, green and blue.

Where is it going next? I believe the LED name tags have a good life ahead of them yet. And, I am sure the next generation name tag will build on some of the features mentioned above.

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