Sunday, May 6, 2007

Folding Sidewalk Sign, Quik Change or Swinger--Which one?

Well, it really depends on the application. I will list a few benefits and the winner of each category: (If you have other specific questions, please let me know.)

  • Portability: Either the Folding Sidewalk or the Quik Change. Both of these signs fold up easily. They could easily fit into a car (i.e. a realtor moving a sign) or they could be picked up and removed from the sidewalk for the night. But, if you are just taking the sign in for the night, the Tip 'n Roll sign is a very good choice.
  • Flexible/Versatile: Quik Change - The Quik Change SS-120 sign gives many options. If you want to print your own sign, the SS120 will work. If you want to have markers and design your sign, the SS-120 is still the answer. And, if want to put messages up on your sign, the SS-120 will still provide a solution. Basically, the SS-120 is a portable sign solution that provides a very flexible solution for all sidewalk sign options.
  • Popular: Swinger and Tip 'n roll - For convenience and ease of use, these signs are consistent top sellers.
  • Lit: Folding Sidewalk Sign (aka: Sandwich board sign or A-frame sign) This sign does come with a optional light kit. But, if a sidewalk sign is not your goal, the larger black signs with flourescent letters might also be an option.
  • Wind resistance: Folding Sidewalk Sign is the winner here. If ballasted, this is the winner. But, if staking your sign is an option, all of the signs will become much more wind resistant.
  • Value: Swinger - The Swinger is readily available from a variety of online sign suppliers, and it has been tested in the most effective way - many customers own them. And, they are a portable sign option that will continue to be available.

If any questions on portable signs or sidewalk signs, let me know what other help I can provide.


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