Sunday, May 6, 2007

What type of LED scrolling message sign can I put in my store window?

There are a few considerations. I will cover them in no particular order:

  1. Letter Size: If you use the assumption that 1 inch can be seen from 50 feet away, you should consider a 4 inch or taller LED scrolling message sign. In some cases, a 2 inch tall sign may be adequate. However, it is always safer to have a sign seen from farther away than necessary rather than not seen from the street.
  2. Brightness: The safest decision to make is going with a "semi-outdoor" sign. If you would choose an "indoor" LED scrolling message sign, it would not be seen very well outside. The indoor LED sign might be visible at night time, but the indoor LED sign will not compete with direct sunlight. Thus, the semi-outdoor scrolling LED message sign is the safest choice.
  3. Sign length: What is the size of the message that you want visible at one time? If you want to show "Sale Today" on your sign, a 36 inch or 48 inch long or maybe even a 24 inch LED sign will display your message without scrolling. If your message gets much longer than 10 digits, you will need to choose the 48" or larger scrolling message sign. Of course, most message boards will display your message, but scrolling will be necessary.
  4. Window dimensions: Make sure you measure the width of your windows. A big sign will not do you any good if you cannot install it where you want.
  5. Power: Typically, the LED signs come with a 10 foot or slightly longer power cord. Make sure you plan your installation so the power is easily available. And, extension cords are always an option.
  6. Programming the LED scrolling message sign: Most of the larger indoor style signs are programmable using a computer. The software comes with the LED sign, and the sign attaches to the computer and software using a serial cable. Some newer computers do not come with serial ports, so a USB cable adaptor is available. And, many of the smaller indoor signs also come with a remote. Both the computer and remote are good options for programming your LED scrolling message sign. If many messages are going to be programmed, it is best to use the computer. And, the remote can be used to change pregrammed messages OR to create new messages.
  7. Connecting your sign to your computer network: This is not an inexpensive option. But, if you choose to do this, the ethernet device will cost about $200.
  8. LED Sign Color: Color really comes down to preference. I would suggest red, but others may suggest other colors. The LED signs typically available are red, amber, blue, and multi-color (amber/red/green). Other colors area also available, visit my site to see other Indoor LED Single Line Scrolling Message signs or contact me,

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