Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Neo-Link Products Arrive at SignsSeen

I received my sample of Neo-Link products last week, and I am very impressed. I put them to the test, and this is what I found.
  • I like the option of 3 colors-pink, green, and blue.
  • They can be mixed and matched in any combination of colors.
  • Besides numbers and letters, the Neo-Link system offers percent signs, "blank spaces", periods, and a variety of other symbols.
  • The created sign can sit on a counter, or hang on a wall.
  • The sign can be created for interior or window display.
  • The created sign can be used for home (What a unique gift!), shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, parties, exhibitions, dorms, and any indoor area.
  • Although I don't have final pricing yet, the numbers I have heard are very reasonable for the purchase of a typical created sign.

The negatives I found:

  • Connecting the individual Neo-Link letters was a little difficult. Some of the Neo-Link letters popped right into place, and some of the letters were a little challenging. Due to the construction of the individual Neo-Link letters, connecting one letter to the next letter involves a "sliding" together of the two pieces. It takes a little practice.
  • Once the first piece is hooked up to power, the final piece can cause a small shock. It is recommended that the whole sign be assembled before attaching the Neo-Link power supply.
  • Each individual Neo-Link has to pass power to the next piece. When connecting one Neo-Link letter to the next letter, one must be careful with the "power-passing" metal corner. It can scrape the skin slightly if you are not careful.

The positives I found:

  • I really like the colors.
  • There are other changeable sign letter systems that I have tried. This is an attractive system that gives a good "bang" for the buck.
  • This is a durable system.
  • I love the look of neon, and this system delivers a real nice look.

I look forward to any questions any of you may have on this system. Look for more information on this system on either or

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