Thursday, September 20, 2007

Can I put an indoor LED sign on my computer network?

As I continue to get questions, I have found a few product that allow you to hook your LED Scrolling Message sign up directly to your computer network using an Ethernet connection. Of course, there is a cost to have this technology, but there are certainly advantages.

  1. The computer with the LED scrolling message sign software does not have to be connected directly to the sign. This sometimes gets to be very cumbersome. The cable needs to be 6 or 10 or 20 feet long to make sure it hooks up. And, the cable is sometimes hard to easily hide as it winds its way into the serial port on the back of the computer.
  2. Anyone with a computer on the network within the company can program the sign. No longer is this task reserved for just the person lucky enough to have the computer closest to the indoor LED scrolling message sign.
  3. Multiple indoor LED scrolling message signs can all be on the same computer network and programmed from the same computer. If a company has multiple entrance points or places that a LED message center is used, the same message can be quickly sent to all of the signs. Because an indoor LED sign is so great at displaying messages that are quickly available, this makes them even more attractive for improving company communications.
How does it work?

Most LED message signs come with a cable. One end is for the led sign, and the other end is a serial port destined for a port on the computer. The Ethernet "box" allows the serial end of the cable to be plugged in on one side, and it provides an Ethernet port on the other side. This allows easy integration into a computer network. [Most single line LED signs also come with a remote that allows for programming, and a USB converter can also be purchased to allow computers that don't have serial ports (i.e. some laptops) to still use computer software to program their signs.)

If you are looking for one of these devices, visit the SignsSeen store. And, if there are further questions, give me a call.


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