Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What type of Window Signs are available?

There are a variety of window sign choices here. These are signs beyond Neon and LED signs. The are signs that will cling to the windows or will mount in the window area. They have great visibility from the street and are very easy to change.

  • The Triplex Message Board Sign uses the same letters as the Swinger Message Board family. It does come with fewer letters, but since it is single-sided, there should be plenty of letters for nearly any message.
  • Pre-made window cling signs: These are signs that have a variety of common messages commonly used by businesses. They come in sets of 5 or 10--pick the signs you want in your own kit.
  • If your message isn't available in the pre-made window cling signs, buy an entire set of letters and create your own message.
  • If a banner or flag is to be displayed, another option is the Super Sucker with Banner Pole. This option includes the Super Sucker product that will stick to any non-porous surface. It can get in front of your customers in a way that a window cling sign cannot.
  • If the message is very simple, "When are you Open and Closed?, checkout the Open-Close Sliding Message Board Signs. These signs have color options and can come in vertical or horizontal. But, they give the basic message every company needs to provide--your business hours.
If you have further questions on this or any other sign products, please let me know.

Window Signs

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