Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Am I selling everything in the picture?

Well, no.....

Recently, I was contacted by a company in the central United States. They wanted to buy a pole mount sign, and once I provided the shipping quote, they purchased the sign. I had some communication with the manufacturer and the shipping company, so I felt confident the sign was going to get there. At this point, I had stopped tracking the sale.

BUT, two days after the delivery, I received a call from the company. After the formalities, I was asked, "Where are the poles?"

My quick response was, "I am not at the office right now, but I don't believe that poles are listed in the bulleted list."

When he responded, "Well, I think it is false advertising when you show something in the picture and don't provide it."

After evaluating what my possible responses might be, I countered, "I use this only for illustrative purposes, but would you expect the wall mount signs to come with a wall?"

After his pause, I said, "I want you to be happy with your purchase, and I in no way meant to respresent what you purchased. Do you want me to take the sign back?"

He then responded, "I will check with my managers and see what they want to do."

They have since bought an additional set of condensed changeable sign letters and they kept the sign...


After this, I have now have a disclaimer on the Double Pole Mount Sign category page. I don't want anyone to ever feel I was being anything less than honest with them. And, if I get the opportunity to talk to you about a sign, I want you to feel the same way.

Happy Holiday from SignsSeen!

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