Friday, December 21, 2007

SignsSeen Customer Service

I am very fortunate to have a website that sells many signs. And, not only does it sell many signs, but many people buy some of these signs. (They still buy some in December, but December is certainly not "peak" portable sign season.) And, very occasionally, a SignsSeen buyer has to work with customer service to get an issue resolved. These are some of the issues that have come up:

  • Returns: SignsSeen sells signs. And, we sell them at the fairest price we can. If a sign needs to be returned, SignsSeen will work with our supplier directly to resolve OR we will take the item back ourselves OR we will do what is reasonable to be fair to the customer.
  • Certificate of Origin: This requests does not come up often, but customers have requested this from the manufacture. Once the certificate of origin was provided to me, I got it notarized and forwarded on to the customer.
  • Exchanges: SignsSeen wants you to have the correct item. If the wrong item is ordered, the item will go back directly to the manufacturer for exchange OR SignsSeen will exchange it from their inventory.
  • Questions on Orders: If an order is placed that seems incomplete, SignsSeen will contact you by phone or email. (i.e. a Neo-Link letter is ordered but no power supply OR if the 060 letter track is ordered with 030 Plastic letters) If the customer does not reply, the order is canceled and the money is refunded back to their credit card or PayPal account.
  • Undeliverable Orders: Just the other day a Swinger Sign was sent to a customer on the west coast. Shortly after the order was shipped, the tracking # was emailed to the customer. Ten days after the sign was sent, the customer contacted me. The sign hadn't arrived. And, the UPS site said that UPS had tried to contact the customer to get a delivery address, but they were unable to do so. The sign had just been sent back the day she called. She wanted me to send her a new sign. And, on this same order, she claimed she had never received the OPEN NEON SIGN that UPS said was already delivered. I could have resent her another Swinger Sign, but I just refunded her ALL of her money and apologized for the inconvenience. I want to sell signs, and I expect those that order signs want them. If I sense this is not the case, I will make the customer whole and continue to sell signs to those who want them.
  • Completing W-9s: SignsSeen does this all the time. Make a requests, and we will try and complete in a timely manner. We can respond in either email or fax.
  • POs: Before sending a PO, please call. When we receive blind POs, we often know nothing about the company issuing the PO. Give us a call and let us know you are sending a PO over. We have done this for churches, schools, and many businesses. We want to help you get the portable sign you need.
  • Money Orders: Go ahead and complete your order on-line, and mark "Purchase Order/Money Order" when you check out. Once the check arrives, we will complete the transaction and order your sign.
Other questions or problems with any past order? Let us know, and we will make every effort to help you get it resolved. Visit and call with any sign questions you may have.