Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from SignsSeen

From all of us at SignsSeen, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And, if you like Happy Holidays better, we wish you that as well!

We look forward to serving you for the first, second or additional time!

Limo Driver Signs
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Archer Trading Ebay Store
and more to come in 2009!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Low Tech Limo Driver Sign coming January 2009!

Limo Driver sign

The LimoDriverSign ™ family of signs are designed to be completely self-contained signs. If you want to change the message, you can:

  • Input a new message with the on-board programming! (If using the handheld LED) OR
  • Use a wet towel and wipe off the old message before writing a new one. (If using the message board and pen.)

The Low-Tech LimoDriverSign ™ is a newly designed sign that takes portability and flexibility to a new level. The simple but effective features will make this a sign purchase that will rapidly return your investment. Do you have ideas of other uses for this sign? Let us know your ideas.....

Limo Driver sign

The sign has the following features :
  1. A velcro strip keeps the pen from getting lost. Each sign comes with a strip of male/female velcro that will all the pen to always be close by. We recommend putting the velcro on the pen cap so it will still be available when your marker is replaced.
  2. To simply carry the sign, a small hole is provided to hook your thumb. This will allow you to have a very secure grip on the sign even if carrying it in a crowd.
  3. The water washable pen is easily available through a variety of internet sources. And, if you choose, there are flourescent colors that can also be used. The black marker works well with the white sign board, but we are very partial to the white marker with the black sign board.
  4. The sign board is made of a 10 mil thick material that has been tested in sign applications for many years. If taken care of, the sign face will last for many, many uses.
  5. The sign is double faced. If a damp towel is not immediately available, both sides of the signs are available to place messages upon.

Other uses for the Low-Tech LimoDriverSign™

  • Parents: The sign can be used by your kids in the car while traveling. The black board is MUCH more fun when flourescent markers are used.
  • Sporting Events: Because the sign is so light weight, the sign can be used for outdoor sporting events when a scoreboard is not available. (i.e. kids soccer games etc.)
Interested in volume purchases of this product? Call us!

Tee Nuts for Your Sign Making Needs

What are Tee Nuts?

Tee-Nuts and Screws can be used to attach your sign hinges to your sign boards OR they can be used to attach sign faces to plastic A-Frame sign boards. They are very easy to use, and they give your signs a very clean look.

This bag will make ten (10) HingeHandleOne or 16" 8-Tab Signs. Or, it will make twenty (20) 12" 4-Tab Signs.

Tee Nuts and Screws available on Ebay.

Sign Making Kits which include Tee Nuts, Sign Feet, and Sign Hinge:

Interested in bulk purchases of these items? Contact us! We will be glad to work with you.

Friday, December 19, 2008

SignsSeen sells signs seen at 'Yes Man' Premiere

I had the priviledge this week of selling some LED scrolling signs that were used during the premiere of the new Jim Carrey movie, 'Yes Man'. I was not able to find any pictures that focused specifically on the signs, but in this video (and others), they are in the background during interviews. [The scrolling letters are in red on a 2" x 24" sign. They are scrolling "YES YES YES YES......."]

Interested in purchasing a scrolling LED sign of your own? Either call us, or visit our site!

And, if anyone scours the net and finds a better picture of the sign, I would REALLY like to know!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

How do I install a handle to the sign board?

To reduce the intimidation in making your own sidewalk sign, we have put together some information to let you know how easy it is.

First, some information on the least expensive sign hinge handle we sell--The Hinge Handle One!

* No individual tabs - each side is one piece.
* Pre-located holes for Tee nuts.
* Hinge pin twice as strong as previous HH s.
* 100% all weather durable and rust resistant.
* 8 inch long contact strip for stapling.
* Rib design for extreme strength.
* Made of composite super strong material.
* 5 year unconditional warranty.

Two Possible Installation Methods


Install the HingeHandle so it is located in the center of the board. You may consider installing several staples through the HH and into the board to hold it in position while your drilling the holes for the tee nuts. Now drill 1/4” holes thought the HH and the board using the
holes in the HingeHandle as a template guide. After the holes are drilled, flip the boards around and install the tee nuts. After that flip the boards around again and install the screws into the tee nuts. You may find that only two tee nuts and screws are needed on small boards 19” wide by 24” high, but four should be used on larger sign boards like 24” wide by 32” high or larger.


A very fast and effective method of installing HingeHandle is to staple it directly to the board. HingeHandle has an 8 inch long contact strip which allows at least 10 to 15 staples to be installed. If using ½ inch thick board material like Medex or Plywood then use a staple no longer then ½ inch long. Also make sure the crown of the staple does not penetrate or bury itself into the hinge handle contact strip itself. This may require an air pressure control valve located between the air compressor and your air stapler.We found that only 40 pounds of air pressure was required to operate the stapler so it would install staples properly as shown below.

In the next posting on sidewalk sign making, we will go into a little more detail.

What does it cost to make an A-Frame sign?

Recently, I started carrying a variety of products so people can make their own signs. Since I have received the question a few times, here is an answer for all:

The boards

Use ½” thick MDF (wood fibre board). Home Depot sell these for about $18 per 4x8 sheet which will make 3 - 24” x 32” high A-Frame signs. This is the most common size for street sign and will cost only $6.00 for both boards. A 4x8 will make 5 complete 19” x 24” real estateA-Frame , for only $3.60 each .

Ideal board material for A-Frame signs can be ½ inch think Crezon, MDF or Intercel board

Painting the Boards

Oil based paint or exterior latex on Fibre board will seals the board and edges perfectly. The cost of paint may cost under a dollar to do both 24” x 32” boards

The Hinge Handle

These hinge handles are the ideal hardware to make professional A-Frame signs of any size.

Three hinge handles sizes are available depending on the size of AFrame you are making. Depending on the size chosen, the sign hinges range in price from $7.50 - $11.00.

Sign Feet

Sign Feet are necessary to keep the board clean and dry and off the ground, concrete or grass.

Sign feet “ADD” an important feature to protect the bottom of the boards from ground moisture and dirt.

Attaching the Hinge to the Board

Not much expense here, but to be completely provide costs, this must be included. It is probably $1-2 depending what is used. In a future post, I will go into more detail on "tee

Cost - including the two boards, hinge handle, tee-nuts and sign feet but not labor.

19” wide x 24” high = $17.50
24” wide x 32” high = $21.50
32” wide x 48” high = $30.00

More information on these cost-saving sign making products to come!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Full Line of Spinning Signs now at SignsSeen

Sidewalk Spinning Sign - Single Tap N Go Small Spinning Sign

We have just added a familyof spinning signs to the website. These signs are certain to catch the eye of anyone who walks/drives/rides past them. Please take a look at these products and the other sign products available at SignsSeen and SignsWork.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Portable, Programmable LED Sign Now in Stock!

Limo Driver sign Limo Driver sign

After much waiting and anticipation, the "Limo Driver Sign" is now in stock. It is everything I hoped it would be--the only exception is I don't have plugs for all countries. Fortunately, the car adapter will work for you no matter what country you are in.

To go through the signs features again...

The LimoDriverSign ™ is a newly designed sign that takes portability and flexibility to a new level. The onboard programming allows for quicker programming than signs that need a remote or computer. The only thing needed in addition to the sign is your FINGER! No computer necessary, and the battery lasts for nearly 6 hours. Do you know a Limousine Driver who could use a sign like this? Can you think of a way to make a business or family activity more fun with a battery-operated, hand-programmable, portable LED sign? Let us know about your ideas.....

The sign is expected to come with:
  1. a cigarette lighter adapter
  2. a plug to plug into US outlets (Other plug styles available for quantity orders.)
  3. All controls are on the sign to allow for quick ON-BOARD programming --NO COMPUTER NECESSARY!!!
  4. a cable to connect the PC to the sign for easy programming (software included)
  5. a handle for holding the sign (seen in the picture)
  6. a battery that will last up to 6 hours with a charge time of only about 3 hours.
  • The size and weight of the sign would allow it to fit into the breast pocket of a sports jacket.
  • The expected price for the sign would be about $119 + shipping. There will be a discount for bulk orders. (10 or more)
  • The packaging will be small enough that it could ship very easily internationally via United States Postal Service.
  • Would you like to take this sign and do some of your own customizing? Contact me about your ideas.
  • Besides the free space at the bottom of the sign, the entire back of the sign could be private labeled/branded.

Other uses for the LimoDriverSign™

  • Parents: The sign can be used to encourage your student atheletes from the sidelines without having to yell over the other parents (i.e. "Great Defense, Billy!!!)
  • Military Spouses: Give that special welcome when you greet your returning hero. (i.e. We Missed You and Are Glad You Are Home, David!!)
  • Children: When the kids play 20 questions, let them store their answer in the sign. And, when the "guessers" have gotten their answer, the sign can allow the confirmation to be scrolled across the screen.
  • Business: The LimoDriverSign™ can be used as part of a display when power resources are limited. (i.e. The sign could say, "Ask us about our show special! OR "Contact us @")
  • Disabilities: The battery life and portability could allow those in wheelchairs to scroll a message of their choice.
If you have questions on this product, we look forward to hearing from you!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Updates on Outdoor LED Modular Sign System

We have been gettting many questions about outdoor LED signs lately. It is typically a question about the solar powered LED signs OR low power consumption outdoor LED signs which use about 15% of the power of most other LED signs. And, once our customers find out how much a typical outdoor LED sign costs, they become much more interested in the Outdoor LED modular sign system (Yes, it can also be used indoors.) Since we last discussed this product, here is some new information direct from the manufacturer:

  • Sign panel construction: The LED Tiles face plate are actually cemented together to the back enclosure. In other words, a cement is used that actually melts both plastics together. So the seal is very strong. It ends up like a single piece of plastic. When the tiles need to be opened to retrieve the electronics, the black plastic that makes up the back of the Tile gets torn off and is adhered to the red cover. If the sign panels need to be transported, bouncing will not be a problem.
  • OutdoorSign Options: The standard tiles have a sealant that is applied at the point where the power is plugged into the sign panel. Upon requests, sealed tiles could be supplied from our factory with waterproof flat connectors so multi-panel signs can be easily assembled and disassembled. Without this option, the waterproofing would not be as effective on a sign that is broken down and then reassembled. The tiles can be mounted together on a back board made out of metal or wood. When the Tiles are mounted, a fastening set screw needs to be placed above each column of tiles to keep them in place when upward motion happens.
  • Multi-Line Signs: This is expected the beginning of 2009. To allow Multi-Line signs, one "master" tile would need to be ordered. It would cost approximately $300 more than the standard tiles. (only one "master" tile needed per sign) The Tiles integrated software will allow multiple fonts on the displays, as well as multi character heights.
  • Brightness: One standard LED panel with 30 degrees red LEDs is approx. 600 nits. 1 Nits is 1 candela per squared metered at 1 meter distance. And, a candela is basically the luminosity intensity of a common candle. As you add panels, this 600 nits number will multiply.
  • Vacancy Sign: A new Vacancy sign made up of two tiles. It is pretty nice, since motel owner can mix vacancy with small messages. And one single key strike will switch between Vacancy or No Vacancy displays. As well as combining this with a small message.
  • Programming: Once you have your keyboard for programming your sign, you can use the same keyboard to program up to 10 signs!!
  • LED Sign Panel Architecture: Basically, 8 tiles in length x 6 tiles width and any other grouping in between. Under development, is a 7 feet x 50 feet display for a company. In summary, tell us what you want, and we will work to develop it for you.
  • Display Size: The 7" display are available now. Large screen display will start shipping early next year.

Questions on Outdoor LED Sign panels or any other sign products? Contact SignsSeen!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Can you estimate the price of a Solar Powered Sign?

Certainly!! But, before I do, let me give you some background...

As a Master Distributor for Agile Displays, most of the sales have been of trailer mount signs. The trailer mount signs are already manufactured to a certain size, so there is no real need for estimating. However, shipping does generally run $500-$1500/sign.

Another factor is where the solar powered sign will be used. If the sign is used in the northern United States, the increased cloud cover makes the decision on the number of solar panels more difficult. And, of course, the southern United States typically has an abundance of sunshine.

Additionally, there is the choice of LED panels. A 38 mm LED panel and a 19 mm LED panel are both available. The 19 mm panels have the LEDs closer together, so it is a better choice if graphics are a greater concern. And, because there are more LEDs in the 19 mm panels, they are more expensive. Both LED panels are 18" x 24".

Finally, using solar panels is VERY green, but if there is access to standard power, standard power is the most cost effective choice. (I will explain this shortly.) The Agile Display panels use approximately 15% of the power used by standard outdoor LED sign panels. Thus, using an Agile Display LED sign even if used WITHOUT solar power is still a GREEN choice!!

To effectively provide an estimate, the LED panels AND the solar panels will be addressed separately.

The above sign is 72" W x 48" H. It is made of 8 LED panels. The sign could be made with either 38 mm or 19 mm panels.

38 mm panels are approximately $800 EA.
19 mm panels are approximately $900 EA.

38 mm panels = $800 x 8 = $6,400.
19 mm panels = $900 x 8 = $7,200.

Each sign needs to be built, and each face has a wireless network for programming. The approximate cost is $1,200.

Approximate Uninstalled Cost of Each Sign (Sign only with no shipping or installation costs)
72" x 48" 38 mm LED sign: $7,600
72" x 48" 19 mm LED sign: $8,400

Solar Panels

In the above sign, 4 Solar Panels would be necessary. How did I get this number? Divide the number of Solar panels by 3 (8/3=3) and add 1. So, a total of 4.

Solar Panel cost = $1,200 per sign panel X 4 panels = $4,800.

Battery Pack: 1 battery pack per 4 Solar Panels at $1,200.

The total for a 19 mm LED Solar Powered Sign non-installed without shipping.....

72" x 48" 19 mm LED sign: $8,400
4 Solar Panels: $4,800
1 Battery Pack: $1,200
Total: $14,400

Do you want a double-sided LED sign? It is not exact, but doubling the price will get your pretty close....

Still confused? Please send us an email or give us a call to help sort out the pricing for your individual sign needs.

The SignsSeen Team

Sunday, October 12, 2008

SignsSeen and SignsWork Partnering to Better Serve Their Customers

SignsSeen and SignsWork have both been on the Internet selling signs for many years. Now, to be more efficient and to allow the visitors of both sites to see more product offerings, & have combined their knowledge and skills to bring a better shopping experience.

How will this experience effect you? Place an order on either site and see how efficiently we handle it. Have questions? We look forward to hearing from you!!


SignsSeen Staff

Elite Ribbon Printer at Excellent Price!!!

Buy the ERP-702 Ribbon Printer with Confidence from SignsSeen!

The E702 Ribbon Printer is an outstanding thermal transfer ribbon printer. With advanced standard features and flexible options, the ERP-702 is engineered to meet your ribbon printing applications. Manufactured with an all metal print mechanism, it provides for a more durable and reliable printer. With innovative TrueSpeed technology, the E702 achieves a constant print speed of up to 3 inches per second. It requires minimum counter space, and its light weight allows the printer to be easily moved to any convenient location. Our printer comes with a two year warranty.
  • Durable & Reliable – Engineered using only the highest quality components and built with an all metal print mechanism to deliver consistent printing and low printer maintenance
  • Versatile - Print single or multiple narrow ribbons ranging in sizes from one quarter inch up to four inches. Savings will vary. Print a thirty-six inch memorial ribbon for as little as ten cents or multiple narrow ribbons for less than two cents
  • Customize – The easy to use software allows for quick setup and printing. Get creative with fonts, images and colors. Stack (prize ribbons) or rotate your text 360 degrees. When completed, save your settings for your next print job
  • Efficient – The printer uses a left margin alignment which provides for a more efficient use of transfer film, potentially cutting your transfer film costs in half
  • Multi-language capability – Prepare and print your ribbons in any language using your desktops true-type format language fonts (Truetype format language fonts must be present in your Windows font folder).
Available at two places:

Buy it under "Ribbon Printers" at or see the printer with more available accessories at

And, if there are any questions, contact us at 614-543-1397!!

Thanks for visiting!

Make your own signs with Spiderfeet

I recently discovered some new devices called "SpiderFeet". Spiderfeet are designed so you can EASILY create your own signs. Simply print your sign message on 1/2" sign material and insert into the stand. It can be used for single or double-sided signs.

The sign stand is made of powder coated steel. It is available in 2 colors (red and standard) and two sizes-accepting 1/4" or 1/2" panels.
It can be reused again and again!!

Interested in trying these or other innovation sign making ideas? Visit us at:

And, if there are any questions, contact us at 614-543-1397.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Make your own Sidewalk Sign

As any one who has visited my website or monitored my blog, I hope you have seen me to be someone who strives to sell a quality, inexpensive product. And, a new product has recently been added.

Have you ever wanted to make a REALLY inexpensive sidewalk sign? Not the REAL cheap one, but one with quality parts. One that you don't have to pay lots to ship. (I still feel guilty charging the truck rates for arrow portable signs.) I believe these products provide a HIGH quality sign hinge AND a great set of sign feet. I invite you to look them over!

Here is the information from the website:

Hinge Handle One offers all the great features of Hinge Handle Classic—plus is even quicker to install since tee-nuts and screws are not required. Simply staple or screw Hinge Handle One to the sign board—and you're ready to go. For larger signs, just use two—one size fits all. Hinge Handle One is made from a high-strength composite polymer, making it completely rust-proof and virtually unbreakable even in cold weather.

The Professional choice

  • Strong. Like Hinge Handle Classic, Hinge Handle One is made from high-density polyethelene that will flex, but not break, even in cold weather. Every Hinge Handle One comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Compatible. Hinge Handle One's innovative design means that it can be used in small and large signs, with substrates of any kind up to 1/2" thick.
  • Simple. Hinge Handle One is even easier and faster to install to A-frame signs. Screw or staple Hinge Handle One to any sign board in seconds.
  • Convenient. Thanks to their built-in handle, Hinge Handle One make A-frame signs much easier to carry.
  • Beautiful. Hinge Handle One's simple, clean, all-white design draws attention the signage, not itself.
  • Versatile. Hinge Handle One offers the same excellent utility of the original—' 330° of rotation means that all four sides can be used for signage. (e.g., "Lunch special $6.95" ... flip over ... "Dinner special $11.95")
Hinge Handle One - Make Your Own A-Frame Sidewalk SignHinge Handle One - Make Your Own A-Frame Sidewalk Sign

Hinge Handle One - Make Your Own A-Frame Sidewalk SignHinge Handle One - Make Your Own A-Frame Sidewalk Sign

Hinge Handle One - Make Your Own A-Frame Sidewalk SignHinge Handle One - Make Your Own A-Frame Sidewalk Sign

For more info on Sign Feet...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What are the steps to get a customizeable velcro banner?

I have been selling quite a few velcro changeable banners lately. Many customer have requested their banners have custom logos. [See above]. It really is not a very complicated process.
  1. You need to determin what size banner you want to order. The standard sizes are multiples of 3: 3' x 3'; 3' x 6'; & 3' x 9'. I often receive requests for 4' x 9' or 4' x 8' changeable banners. Of course, these are available, too.
  2. Banner color: There are a number of colors available. These are all listed on the SignsSeen website.
  3. Letter Color: The letter colors are WHITE or BLACK. This choice is mostly made by the banner color chosen.
  4. Letter Size: The existing banner packages come with either 4 inch letters or 8 inch letters. And, because of the unique design of the velcro banner, either letter set can be used on the same banner. The Velcro is in 4 inch intervals, so that either set of letters can be used simultaneously on the same banner. [The letters have velcro dots in just the right spot to make the whole system work perfectly.]
  5. Banner Orientation: Although most banner are done horizontally, requests do come in for vertical banners. This is a custom banner, but it is not significantly more. The velcro strips are just placed on the banner running the other direction.
  6. Banner Mounting: Most of the banner come with an internal frame, and a PVC stand is also available. I have also had requests for banners that can hang down. This can also be done, but the banner needs to be reinforced properly.
  7. Logo: Although some design work can be done, it is more expensive. A sample of a "banner proof" is shown above. The logo can run entirely across the top of the banner OR it can be done like the US Flag-just in the top left corner. The logo will need to be sent to our design department, and your proof will follow. Depending on the customization desired, the cost is typically less than $100 additional per banner.
Do you need a changeable banner? Do you need a customized banner? Visit SignsSeen to find out more about velcro changeable banners and other portable sign options.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is a solar powered sign my best option? is a Master Distributor of Agile Displays

I have been receiving many call lately regarding solar powered signs. With high gas prices and the emphasis on "green", solar powered signs are seen as a great alternative. And, I can easily understand why, but here are a few facts on solar powered signs:

  1. Because of the price of solar panels, solar powered signs are still an expensive option.
  2. If you live in the northwest and the midwest of the US, the greater number of cloudy days makes solar powered energy more expensive. Meaning, larger solar panels are necessary, and larger battery banks are necessary to make sure the sign will have ample power during cloudy days. (or cloudy weeks)
  3. If you to buy a set of Agile Display solar panels and batteries, do NOT plan on trying to install them on your existing outdoor LED sign. It is not that easy, and it will likely lead to frustration.
  4. Agile Display LED sign panels use approximately 15% of the electricity of comparable outdoor LED sign panels. If an existing outdoor scrolling sign uses $400 of electricity per month, the Agile Display LED sign would cost approximately $75. It is this efficiency that allows the Agile Display's LED outdoor signs to work with the Agile Display's solar panels. Since other outdoor LED signs use much more power, the solar panels & batteries from Agile Displays would not be able to power them for very long.
Conclusion: Solar powered signs are GREAT to have, but if standard electricity is available, it is really the most cost effective option to power your sign. If you still want a solar powered sign, SignsSeen provides a full line of products from Agile Displays. Trailer mount, permanent mount, & monument style signs are all available. If you don't see what you are looking for, send us an email:

Monday, August 18, 2008

Limo Driver Sign stands up to abuse

Recently, after talking with a friend, I set the limo driver sign with handle connected on the back of my truck. We continued talking, and after we were done, I just hopped in the truck and drove off. As I was getting up to speed, I heard a sound like a pop can behind me. Once my friend stopped, I felt quite certain I knew what it was--my sign had fallen off my truck at a pretty good speed.

Of course, I was prepared for the worst. BUT, the battery operated LED sign did surprise me. It still worked fine. It did take some scrapes on the top and the handle did snap off. However, the programming (both the computer programming and the on-board programming) continue to work fine. I look forward to getting the final sample later this month. And, if it has all of the changes made I requested, it is still on schedule to be available late September-early October. I look forward to getting feedback from those lucky enough to get the first signs!!

Questions? Let me know....


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Portable Outdoor Modular LED Sign System

I had the pleasure this week of trying out a new LED outdoor module sign system. And, to let you know the results in advance, I was impressed.

The positive:
  1. It is wireless and pretty easy to program
  2. The modules hooked up very easily together. I only used two (2), but it could have been up to 4 wide.
  3. It is hard to demonstrate in this picture, but it does have a scroll mode.
  4. I am only showing the red display, but it also comes in other colors of LEDs.
  5. It is very light-weight, and can be easily moved.
The negative:
  1. It only stores 3 messages, BUT since it is so easy to program, this isn't so bad.
  2. If using outdoors, the power supply is plugged in and sealant needs to be applied where the plug is attached. It has advantages for outdoor use, but is isn't quite as flexible once this takes place.
  3. Right now, all messages can only be 7 inches high (the panel size). Coming in September, I have been told that the display will be able to span the modules and be possibly up to 28 inches tall.
All in all, even though this is VERY brief, this is a good solution to consider if you are looking at an inexpensive outdoor solution. And, if you have questions, call or email.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Limo Driver Signs Expected late summer!

I have had MANY requests over the past couple of years for a "limo driver sign". (i.e. a battery-powered LED sign that has on board programming) And, after ordering prototypes and then making a few changes to the prototypes, the first order is expected to arrive in September.

The signs will be available at SignsSeen and select other websites. If you are interested in pre-ordering any of the product, I will give discounts for bulk orders.

Their may be similar signs out there, but I am not aware of them. This sign could be used for many purposes, but input from limousine drivers is what primarily influenced its design.

As the time gets closer, I will post additional blog entries. But, until then, please contact me if you are interested in a batter powered LED sign with simple programming. It has upper & lower case letters, and many other small features that make me proud to put the SignsSeen name on it.

I look forward to hearing input any of you may have!

Black Signs Price Increase

Effective 8/1/08, all Black Signs products at SignsSeen will be going up. I don't like it either, but strongly encourage you to purchase before then. The price increase is expected to be about 10%!

Unfortunately, there will likely be more to follow.....

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Articles on SignsSeen in a couple of magazines

If you wanted to know a little more about SignsSeen, you can click on the links below:

Innovative Signs

Changeable Banners

And, as always, if you have other questions about other products, feel free to contact me, or check out our website:

Monday, June 2, 2008

Do you have Portable LED sidewalk signs?

We do have many sidewalk signs, but none of them having an LED option. This is probably due to a couple of reasons:

  1. Once the batteries were included with the sign, the sign would not be very portable.
  2. Since the sign isn't permanently mounted, it could be more easily stolen.
If you are not interested in a changeable letter sidewalk sign, you might consider an A-frame sign with blank acrylic panels. And, if you add waterproof markers, you could change the message daily, and have a very bright message every day.

Good Luck!

(Posted from an email reply to customer.)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New A-Frame Sidewalk Signs Now Available

The sidewalk sign is frequently used by small businesses. And, although, SignsSeen sells many Swinger signs (i.e. Roadside Swinger signs, Springer Signs, Deluxe Black Swinger Signs, Tip'n Roll signs, & PLUS Swinger signs), a new family of signs has joined the SignsSeen website: The A-Frame. The a frame was present before, but only in plastic signs. Now, a full variety of A-Frames exists:
Based on price, the Swinger signs will continue to sell well. However, the new A-Frames to have some nice options:
  • Multiples display surfaces: Want a chalkboard (black or green chalkboard) or a dry erase board? Want an acrylic board to create your own messages on? These are just a couple of the options available on these new A-Frame signs.
  • Custom Headers: I have often been asked if I could provide custom headers for customers. And, I usually responded, "Once the custom header is shipped to you separately, a local sign shop could do it less expensively." Now, after ordering a custom header and providing the artwork, your new sign will ship EXACTLY as you want it.
  • Larger sizes: Some of the new A-Frame signs will allow you to purchase a sign that is 48" wide. Wow, what a message you can put on that! Don't forget the extra leters!!
  • Different colored letter sets: The Swinger signs and Folding Sidewalk Signs have always come with the Black Letters & Red Numbers. BUT, the new A-Frame signs also offer Blue Letters with Red Numbers. Just make your choice at the time of ordering!
  • Cool Markers: Have you ever used liquid chalk markers? Have you ever used a REALLY bright set of Markers? Then you need to visit SignsSeen! ;-)
  • The Ballast Bag: I have often said to use tent pegs or sand bags to keep your new sign in place. Now, the new series of a-frame signs allows you to conveniently order a ballast bag that will quickly take care of that task.
Interested? Please check out either SignsSeen or Sidewalk-Signs for the complete product line! Did I miss something? Email me and let me know.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Perils of your new Roadside Sign coming on a truck

Typically, this would not be news. But, the past couple weeks have had for some difficult deliveries. Some things to keep in mind when you order items that are delivered on a truck. This would include:
  • Roadside portable signs
  • Roadside signs with trailers
  • Portable Black Signs
  • Solar Powered LED Trailer Mount Signs
  • Permanent mount changeable letter signs, and
  • Almost all outdoor signs, with the exception of sidewalk signs.
Things to be aware of:
  1. Depending on the carrier, shipping to a business is less expensive. Shipping to a residence is almost always more expensive. And, if shipping to a church, school, library, VFW, or other facility, some carriers will charge more. If you need to choose a location to ship to, a business with a dock is ALWAYS the best.
  2. When you are called to schedule a time for delivery to be made, please be there when you say you will. If you are not, the carrier will charge additional for the next delivery. The sign distributer will need to pass that redelivery charge on to you.
  3. When the sign is being delivered, PLEASE inspect it the best you can before it gets off of the truck. And, if you can inspect it more thoroughly on the ground before you sign the paperwork, please do. Once you have the sign and have signed the paperwork, it is VERY difficult to get the sign replaced. (This often involved a forklift accident, but it may also include other damage that is covered up by the packaging. Make sure you explore under the cardboard!!)
  4. If the sign is damaged and you refuse the shipment, call your distributor as soon as possible. Once they know of the problem, they can work with the manufacturer to get you a new undamaged sign as quickly as possible.
In the past week, I had a customer who ordered a custom sign. It was damaged on delivery, and they handled the problem perfectly--just as described above. I received a call before the truck had left with the damaged sign.

I have also had to deal with a customer who produced unsigned paperwork claiming damage---2 weeks after the sign was delivered. This customer was not happy with the results.

And, I had another customer who ordered the sign over a month ago. They have changed the delivery address after refusing the sign twice at the address originally provided. A new delivery address was provided, but by the time the sign was on a truck 3 times, it arrived damaged at the address. They refused the shipment, and now the process starts again....

Hopefully, this advice can help you when a sign is ordered that needs delivered on a truck. If you have any questions, give us at SignsSeen a call!!

However, if you don't want to mess with a big delivery truck (Does UPS count?), you can go with the Swinger RoadSide Sidewalk Message Board Sign. It is not as big as a 4' x 8' Roadside Arrow Sign, but it comes in one box from UPS. And, because it is a unique size, it will catch the eyes of your future customers!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Is there a "green" business banner?

Since I missed Earth Day, I wanted to encourage you all to buy reusable signs. Many of the sidewalk signs, roadside signs, and window signs are changeable and reusable. But, are you familiar with the options available in changeable banner signs?

Both banner systems offered at SignsSeen are good, but the changeable velcro banner has a few advantages over the pocket changeable banner.

  1. The velcro banner system has many more color choices than the pocket banner system.
  2. The velcro banner system allows the use of either 8 inch velcro letters OR 4 inch velcro letters. The pocket banner system comes with pockets that will only accommodate letters of a certain size.
  3. Although both the velcro and pocket banners can get PVC frames, the velcro banner system also has graffiti guards available.
Both systems can have custom logos on the banners. And, both banner systems will ship in 1 to 7 business days.

So, if you want to go "green" (i.e. reusable), save money by making your own banners, and be able to change your business or advertising message immediately, look into any of the changeable banner systems OR any of the other great signs at SignsSeen!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Don't download this toolbar...

Just doing a little searching the other day, and I discovered a SignsSeen toolbar.

I didn't create; I am not endorsing it, and I don't know its origin. PLEASE don't download it!!

Happy surfing, but watch what you download.

But, as always, if you have any comments, I welcome those.

And, if you like, surf over to SignsSeen and add a new sales rep (i.e. sign) to your business. No benefits, no days off, and they only say what you want them to say!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Swinger Roadside Sidewalk Sign Available

For those of you looking for something bigger than a standard sidewalk sign, but not interested in a 4' x 8' sign, the Swinger RS (Roadside) Sign is the answer.

Why you need to consider this sign?

  • It is BIGGER! The standard Swinger is 24" x 36". This sign is 36" x 48" (3' x 4'). There is more room to get your message out there.
  • It has the Swinger PLUS style letters. The original Swinger had 4" tall letters. The Swinger RS has 5" tall letters. So, if you would put this up along the road, your potential customers should have a much easier time reading the sign.
  • NEW LARGER, WATER/SAND FILLABLE, LEG-These will allow the Swinger Roadside sign to be ballasted better if it is put along the road. When along the road, trucks and other vehicles can kick up greater winds than when on a sidewalk. And, the Swinger RS Portable sign also has the "standard" Swinger frame. This gives ample places to put sandbags on teh front and back of the sign.
  • The Swinger RS can still be a sidewalk sign. I sell many Black Signs that are placed on sidewalks, AND they are VERY successful there. I am confident the Swinger RS could make a great sidewalk sign. AND, the price with shipping is almost half of the 4' x 6' Black Sign.
  • Did I say price? Yes, I did. The sign sells for under $300. Additionally, the sign is packaged up so that it is easily able to go on UPS. So, shipping is cheaper AND the shipping process is very easy. (No loading dock necessary.)
  • Because of the size, the sign can be more easily carried than a portable roadside sign. A standard roadside sign can weigh 100-200 lbs. But, the shipping weight of this sign is only 60 lbs.
  • The sign face is bigger, so you need more letters! This sign comes with 421 letters, numbers & symbols.
This Swinger sign will be shipping mid-April 2008. Please visit SignsSeen for this sign and many other sidewalk signs!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Videos from LetterLED

During the ISA Sign Show, I met up with the LetterLED manufacturer. In an effort to help their customers understand how easy these products are, they have created a few videos. I am included the first couple of them today.

This video gives you a wide range of the benefits on a LetterLED sign.

This video focuses on low energy consumption and safety.

To find out more these products and other changeable sign module systems, visit SignsSeen.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mounting your Double Pole Mount Signs

At the recent ISA show, a rep from Wayne Industries educated me on installing a double pole mount sign.

  1. First, the Wayne Industry sign does not come with poles. Poles can be purchased at a large box hardward store-wood would be fine.
  2. And, I believe he also mentioned picking up lag bolts to connect the sign to the pole.
  3. The holes should be dug to the necessary depth AND the necessary width.
  4. Put the poles into the holes.
  5. And, all of this made sense, but the last part is something I did not realize. When using Quikcrete® with gravel, just dump the Quikcrete® into the hole. (The Quikcrete® gets the necessary moisture from the soil.)
  6. Both poles needed leveled. Use posts to make sure the poles are square from all sides.
  7. And, we didn't discuss when the sign should be installed. If the poles are stable enough, I suppose the double pole sign could be installed immediately. But, without having the directions in front of me, I would do whatever they say.
Whether you choose a lit or non-lit model OR a sign with a pre-printed face or tracked face, SignsSeen has models for your needs.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Can LetterLED be that easy?

Yes, it can!

When at the recent ISA (International Sign Association) show, I was speaking with a representative from LetterLED. His comment was, "If people understood how easy are sign system was and how cost effective it is, they couldn't help but buy it." And, for these reasons, I tend to agree:

  1. You get your own customized sign. To buy a custom neon sign, it would cost much more.
  2. You can have a single or double line sign.
  3. You can change the sign by just pulling off the letters and then putting on new letters.
  4. A custom OPEN sign for under $100.
  5. Energy efficient: Save 70-80% on energy costs.
  6. Installation: Easy 5 minute installation.
  7. Safety: Impact resistant and safe to the touch.
  8. New script letters coming soon.
  9. And, after the script letters, 7 inch letters will also be coming.
Looking for other changeable letter solutions? Visit

Friday, March 21, 2008

Using an Serial-to-USB adapter to program your LED sign

As time allows, I try and play with the LED signs and changeable letter signs. (There is not a whole lot to be done with a regular changeable sign with plastic letters) And, I have done the LAN adapters and I have worked with an ethernet adapter. BUT, I have had trouble getting the Serial-to-USB adapter set up. Not anymore.....

One sign I sell, the SS500M, is shipped with an adapter. But, it is a pretty inexpensive adapter, so I never put the effort forth to make it work. I either used my desktop PC with a serial port OR I just programmed using a remote control. Today, Good Friday, I decided I was going to make the adapter work. So, I bought an IOGear adapter. The adapter came with a CD and the packaging had "Windows Compatible" on it. I felt convinced I could!

And, the installation went quickly. Windows XP easily found the driver on the CD, and it seemed to go well. I opened up my LED scrolling sign software, and I expected to quickly create a message and download it to my electronic sign. Unfortunately, my led message sign had another plan. And, after more frustration, I read the directions. It then quickly became clear that my "fear of documetation" was unfounded. When the driver is installed, it picks a COM port based on some sort of logic. And, for whatever reason, the Serial-to-USB adapter was installed on COM 9. And, since my software only allowed for 8 COM ports, the solution was easy. I changed the COM port to COM 2, and after rebooting the LED scrolling sign software, my special-effects-enhanced LED message easily downloaded.

I have had customers get their signs working with the "free" Serial-to-USB converter in the past. And, when they switched to Windows Vista, they could not use the software, adapter, and sign together. Although I don't know this for sure, I would not be surprised if this adapter [it is Vista Compatible] would solve the problems of the old adapter working with Vista. Just an idea....

If anyone has had other experience with USB adapters or LED scrolling message signs, please let me know.

Happy Easter!


Friday, February 29, 2008

Good-Looking, Tough, Hard-Working Sidewalk Signs

I offer many different signs on my website. Some of the more popular are the Swinger family of portable sidewalk signs. I also carry the plasticade & signicade signs. (The folding sidewalk sign with track and changeable letters is the most popular from this family.)

A few reasons the sidewalk, specifically Swinger, signs sell so well:

  1. Great Value: For less than $0.50 per day, a sidewalk sign can pay for itself. So, even if the sidewalk sign costs $180, your sign still costs very little per day. An advertisement placed in any magazine or newspaper is far more than that on a daily basis.
  2. Change Regularly: A sidewalk sign allow quick changing to meet customer demands. The only deadline an owner of a sidewalk sign needs to meet is changing the sign before the customer arrives. Newspaper and magazines do not give the same “message flexibility” as a sidewalk sign.
  3. Double-Sided Sign means two message signs in 1: The sidewalk sign comes with lots of letters, and the deluxe swinger sign comes with extra big headers. So, if you are on a well-traveled location with lots of sidewalk traffic, you can very inexpensively experiment with messages to see what brings you the best traffic!
  4. Nothing works harder than a sidewalk sign: Whether it is raining, snowing, or a bright sunny day, your sidewalk sign is working for you. Your message can be changed to reflect items your shoppers are looking for based on weather conditions.
  5. When your customers see, they buy: In today’s culture, time is very important. Not many of your customers are the type to find your newspaper or magazine ad and then track you down. More commonly, a customer will stop because they see your signage. Don’t neglect communicating to your customer as they go past your location.
  6. Stores safely inside at night: A bigger sign will allow you to share your message and be read from farther away. But, if you have a bigger sign, you won’t be able to bring it in at night. When brought in at night, a sidewalk sign is not an overnight temptation for mischief doers. If not stolen, the sign and changeable letters will last longer.

Sidewalk signs are a critical adverstising avenue you don’t want to miss. Go to SignsSeen and get one now!



Better Business Bureau, SSL & GoDaddy certified

Good Leap Day to all!

As we have been adding new products, we have also been making changes to improve your buying experience at SignsSeen

  1. If you visit the SignsSeen homepage , you will see we are now Better Business Bureau Certified. Regardless of the size of your purchase, you are in good hands with SignsSeen.
  2. And, your credit card numbers were encrypted before, but now we have a higher level of security. You will see this during the checkout process when the web address changes from HTTP to HTTPS.
  3. And, now we are also GoDaddy certified.

Thanks for your business! And, we believe these changes and upcoming changes will allow us to continue to give you better service! And, if you visit the site and don't find what you want, let me know.

Thanks for your patronage,


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Solar Powered Illuminated Address Numbers

A new product to the SignsSeen lineup is the Solar Powered Illuminated Home Address Numbers.

For each number in your address, you will need to have an additional number. So, a 4-digit address would need 4 of the Solar Powered Illuminated Address Numbers.

Emergency Medical Services, Police and Firefighters are trained to respond quickly to help save lives. Unfortunately, most house numbers are virtually impossible to see at night.

This puts you and your loved ones in danger!

The law requires clear identification of all homes, but because these laws are generally not enforced, many families fail to ensure that their address is visible at night.

Many lives are lost each day, simply because emergency help was delayed in reaching them.

Don't let this happen to you!

For The Safety of Your Family!

  • Solar Powered
  • Charges All Day, Glows All Night
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Turns on and off automatically
  • Visible from over 200 ft.
  • 1,000 hours reserve power
  • Weatherproof
  • Constructed with high quality electronic components
  • Each unit comes with a full set of numbers and "-".
  • US Patent #: 6,348,818
  • Maintenance Free
  • Easy Installation with just two screws
  • Units Snap Together
  • Contemporary Design
  • Attaches to any Surface
  • 2-Year Warranty
Solar House Numbers Specifications
Unit Height 6.25 Inches
Film Letter Height 3.42 Inches
Unit Length 2.54 inches
Unit Width .625 inches
Illumination Visibility
Up to 200 feet
Operational Temp. Range
-40 Fahrenheit ~ +140 Fahrenheit
Waterproof, Snow, Salinity, Humidity, Sleet
Body construction
PVC Black-UV Injection for sun protection (will not discolor)
L.E.D. Red
Weight .5 lb
Solar Panel Supplied by ASI-Solar Technology
Batteries 2- 1 1/2 Volt Alkaline Rechargeable (soldered on)

If you have questions on this product or other solar powered products, let me know!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Access to your Scrolling LED sign from everywhere

I have had some "Datafeed" LED signs on my website for quite awhile, but I have not made the effort to test them out. Finally, I found some time over the weekend to do. And, it was VERY easy.

Here is what is needed:
  1. Universal Device Server
  2. A Datafeed LED sign (I am testing if it will work with LED signs from other manufacturers.)
  3. Internet connection
  4. Skywired Internet Service
  5. Computer to logon to website to program sign
Here are the steps it took to set it up. (Very general)
  1. Hook the LED Datafeed sign up. (Plug it in, and connect the cable from the sign to the UDS)
  2. Get the Universal Device Server (UDS) hooked up. This involves plugging the UDS into a power source. Then, you plug the Ethernet cable into one end of the UDS. And, the other end of the UDS device needs to be plugged into a cable that looks like a phone cable.
  3. I telneted into my router to make sure it could see the UDS device. And, fortunately, my router did not need a firmware upgrade. Depending on your device this may not be true. Out of the box, my UDS was assigned a particular ID. So, all that remained was logging into the website, and begin inputting messages or the datafeeds.
  4. I logged into the website with login and password.
  5. The datafeeds can be set up. You can choose the stocks and sports information you desire.
  6. You can choose the color of the display AND you can choose the way the information is described. (i.e. from the top, from the side, etc.)
  7. And, if you choose to have a custom message typed in, that is also available from a different form within the site.
  8. It may take 15-20 minutes for the info to be sent to the sign. Once this is done, it will continue to feed the data until changes are made.
If there are other questions or experiences with these signs, let me know. I will gladly release the info to the blog.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I have just started carrying a new line of reproduction signs. I have included a Q & A for the signs. And, if you want to see a few of them, they are available here: NON-NEON Reproduction Signs .

White Eagle Gasoline Reproduction Vintage Sign

I have also added some new Neon signs to the Clearance section of the website. Besides the OPEN & Bathroom Neon, there is a very cool American Flag.


Q. What kind of material are the signs made of?
A. The signs are made from 18 gauge steel.

Q. What type of finish is used on the signs?
A. A finish of baked enamel is used because it is very durable and cost efficient. The signs are screen printed with Nazdar enamel and baked at 180ยบ.

Q. What’s the difference between baked enamel and porcelain?
A. Enamel is a paint. It’s baked dry in an oven at 180 degrees. It’s much less expensive than porcelain. It survives best indoors, out of weather. Porcelain is a glass finish melted onto metal at a high temperature. It survives weather very well, but being glass it will crack and shatter when bent or struck. It’s also considerably more expensive than baked enamel.

Q. Can I use these signs outdoors?
A. Yes, but. Our signs are made with baked enamel, like a car. If you park a car outdoors for years, the weather will eventually cause the finish to fade and deteriorate, and the steel will rust. To preserve the finish, you need to use car polish regularly. The same goes for enamel signs.

Q. Do the signs come with any mounting holes?
A. Yes, the signs have 6 - 1/8” mounting holes without any obtrusive brass grommets.

Q. How many signs do you carry?
A. We have over 100 different signs, many added in the last couple of years including our first Mexican sign, with more new signs in the works.

Q. Why don’t you make __________ sign?
A. There are some signs we do not make, and may never make. This is because they are registered trademarks whose owners either will not give permission or want so much as to make their manufacture a money-loser. There are other owners whose requirements are reasonable, and we will make their signs. There are also many attractive signs that are in the public domain. We will make, or are making, many of them.

Q. Can you make a custom sign for me?
A. Sorry, we just don’t have the time for custom work. But if you have a sign that would be a suitable addition to our catalogue, we may be able to put it on our list of new signs to do.

Q. Do you make any two-sided signs?
A. The only two-sided sign we make is the Bear Alinement sign (#142, comes with wall bracket).

Q. Why are all the other signs blank on the back?
A. Most people don’t need a two-sided sign, especially since its production would greatly increase the labor and expense of manufacture and require considerably higher prices. Even with signs printed on just one side, we often have trouble keeping up with demand, and some customers have to wait weeks for their orders to be filled.

Q. Why don’t you offer two-sided signs as an option?
A. The previous answer applies here too, only more so. Applying extra paint on the backs of a few signs would nearly double their cost, because it would require just as much paint, time (labor), clean-up, and cooking as the first side.

Q. But I have an application where a two-sided version would be perfect. What can I do?
A. Since production of a two-sided sign would cost about the same as two signs, use two signs back-to-back. For the foreseeable future, that’s the only solution we can suggest.

Q. Why did you misspell Alignment on the Bear Alinement sign?
A. We didn’t. If you look at our page of original signs, you’ll see that this was the spelling used on the actual bear sign we copied. In the 19th and early 20th centuries unorthodox, clever, and cute spellings were common, especially in advertising. Thus we have Kleenex, not Cleanex, and brands such as No-Nox, Keen Kutter, Icy-Flo, Sunkist, Koolmotor, Sunfreze, and Snoboy. One theory of the origin of OK is that it comes from the facetious misspelling oil kerrekt, popular among New England college boys in the early 19th century.

Feeding LED sign directly from PC

A customer of mine bought an Indoor LED sign and wanted to feed it information directly from his computer. What follows is the post he put on his blog:

I have two scrolling LED signs. One provides us with a daily forecast every morning and provides us with record high and low temperatures to help each day’s weather in perspective. The sign also lets us know the artist and title of the song that is currently playing in our bedroom. It’s driven by a perl script writing to a serial port to which the sign is connected.

The other sign is in our fitness room. It helps my wife keep track of what resistance she should have on the elliptical based on what song is currently playing in iTunes. This sign is driven by a dot net built binary written in C#.

Sign Used: SS500

If there are questions on the sign, please let me know. And, if there are questions on the code, I will pass the questions along to my customer.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Clearance Category on site

To make visitors better aware of deals on my website, I have added a "Clearance Signs" category. Presently, this area includes:
  • Flags
  • Sliding Open/Closed sign
  • Neon Signs (Select signs in limited quantities coming soon)
With many of these items once shipping is added, they are being listed at or below cost.

And, if you are a sign company/manufacturer with items you would like to have included in this category or any other category on the SignsSeen site, please let me know.

Happy New Year,