Friday, February 29, 2008

Good-Looking, Tough, Hard-Working Sidewalk Signs

I offer many different signs on my website. Some of the more popular are the Swinger family of portable sidewalk signs. I also carry the plasticade & signicade signs. (The folding sidewalk sign with track and changeable letters is the most popular from this family.)

A few reasons the sidewalk, specifically Swinger, signs sell so well:

  1. Great Value: For less than $0.50 per day, a sidewalk sign can pay for itself. So, even if the sidewalk sign costs $180, your sign still costs very little per day. An advertisement placed in any magazine or newspaper is far more than that on a daily basis.
  2. Change Regularly: A sidewalk sign allow quick changing to meet customer demands. The only deadline an owner of a sidewalk sign needs to meet is changing the sign before the customer arrives. Newspaper and magazines do not give the same “message flexibility” as a sidewalk sign.
  3. Double-Sided Sign means two message signs in 1: The sidewalk sign comes with lots of letters, and the deluxe swinger sign comes with extra big headers. So, if you are on a well-traveled location with lots of sidewalk traffic, you can very inexpensively experiment with messages to see what brings you the best traffic!
  4. Nothing works harder than a sidewalk sign: Whether it is raining, snowing, or a bright sunny day, your sidewalk sign is working for you. Your message can be changed to reflect items your shoppers are looking for based on weather conditions.
  5. When your customers see, they buy: In today’s culture, time is very important. Not many of your customers are the type to find your newspaper or magazine ad and then track you down. More commonly, a customer will stop because they see your signage. Don’t neglect communicating to your customer as they go past your location.
  6. Stores safely inside at night: A bigger sign will allow you to share your message and be read from farther away. But, if you have a bigger sign, you won’t be able to bring it in at night. When brought in at night, a sidewalk sign is not an overnight temptation for mischief doers. If not stolen, the sign and changeable letters will last longer.

Sidewalk signs are a critical adverstising avenue you don’t want to miss. Go to SignsSeen and get one now!



Better Business Bureau, SSL & GoDaddy certified

Good Leap Day to all!

As we have been adding new products, we have also been making changes to improve your buying experience at SignsSeen

  1. If you visit the SignsSeen homepage , you will see we are now Better Business Bureau Certified. Regardless of the size of your purchase, you are in good hands with SignsSeen.
  2. And, your credit card numbers were encrypted before, but now we have a higher level of security. You will see this during the checkout process when the web address changes from HTTP to HTTPS.
  3. And, now we are also GoDaddy certified.

Thanks for your business! And, we believe these changes and upcoming changes will allow us to continue to give you better service! And, if you visit the site and don't find what you want, let me know.

Thanks for your patronage,


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Solar Powered Illuminated Address Numbers

A new product to the SignsSeen lineup is the Solar Powered Illuminated Home Address Numbers.

For each number in your address, you will need to have an additional number. So, a 4-digit address would need 4 of the Solar Powered Illuminated Address Numbers.

Emergency Medical Services, Police and Firefighters are trained to respond quickly to help save lives. Unfortunately, most house numbers are virtually impossible to see at night.

This puts you and your loved ones in danger!

The law requires clear identification of all homes, but because these laws are generally not enforced, many families fail to ensure that their address is visible at night.

Many lives are lost each day, simply because emergency help was delayed in reaching them.

Don't let this happen to you!

For The Safety of Your Family!

  • Solar Powered
  • Charges All Day, Glows All Night
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Turns on and off automatically
  • Visible from over 200 ft.
  • 1,000 hours reserve power
  • Weatherproof
  • Constructed with high quality electronic components
  • Each unit comes with a full set of numbers and "-".
  • US Patent #: 6,348,818
  • Maintenance Free
  • Easy Installation with just two screws
  • Units Snap Together
  • Contemporary Design
  • Attaches to any Surface
  • 2-Year Warranty
Solar House Numbers Specifications
Unit Height 6.25 Inches
Film Letter Height 3.42 Inches
Unit Length 2.54 inches
Unit Width .625 inches
Illumination Visibility
Up to 200 feet
Operational Temp. Range
-40 Fahrenheit ~ +140 Fahrenheit
Waterproof, Snow, Salinity, Humidity, Sleet
Body construction
PVC Black-UV Injection for sun protection (will not discolor)
L.E.D. Red
Weight .5 lb
Solar Panel Supplied by ASI-Solar Technology
Batteries 2- 1 1/2 Volt Alkaline Rechargeable (soldered on)

If you have questions on this product or other solar powered products, let me know!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Access to your Scrolling LED sign from everywhere

I have had some "Datafeed" LED signs on my website for quite awhile, but I have not made the effort to test them out. Finally, I found some time over the weekend to do. And, it was VERY easy.

Here is what is needed:
  1. Universal Device Server
  2. A Datafeed LED sign (I am testing if it will work with LED signs from other manufacturers.)
  3. Internet connection
  4. Skywired Internet Service
  5. Computer to logon to website to program sign
Here are the steps it took to set it up. (Very general)
  1. Hook the LED Datafeed sign up. (Plug it in, and connect the cable from the sign to the UDS)
  2. Get the Universal Device Server (UDS) hooked up. This involves plugging the UDS into a power source. Then, you plug the Ethernet cable into one end of the UDS. And, the other end of the UDS device needs to be plugged into a cable that looks like a phone cable.
  3. I telneted into my router to make sure it could see the UDS device. And, fortunately, my router did not need a firmware upgrade. Depending on your device this may not be true. Out of the box, my UDS was assigned a particular ID. So, all that remained was logging into the website, and begin inputting messages or the datafeeds.
  4. I logged into the website with login and password.
  5. The datafeeds can be set up. You can choose the stocks and sports information you desire.
  6. You can choose the color of the display AND you can choose the way the information is described. (i.e. from the top, from the side, etc.)
  7. And, if you choose to have a custom message typed in, that is also available from a different form within the site.
  8. It may take 15-20 minutes for the info to be sent to the sign. Once this is done, it will continue to feed the data until changes are made.
If there are other questions or experiences with these signs, let me know. I will gladly release the info to the blog.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I have just started carrying a new line of reproduction signs. I have included a Q & A for the signs. And, if you want to see a few of them, they are available here: NON-NEON Reproduction Signs .

White Eagle Gasoline Reproduction Vintage Sign

I have also added some new Neon signs to the Clearance section of the website. Besides the OPEN & Bathroom Neon, there is a very cool American Flag.


Q. What kind of material are the signs made of?
A. The signs are made from 18 gauge steel.

Q. What type of finish is used on the signs?
A. A finish of baked enamel is used because it is very durable and cost efficient. The signs are screen printed with Nazdar enamel and baked at 180ยบ.

Q. What’s the difference between baked enamel and porcelain?
A. Enamel is a paint. It’s baked dry in an oven at 180 degrees. It’s much less expensive than porcelain. It survives best indoors, out of weather. Porcelain is a glass finish melted onto metal at a high temperature. It survives weather very well, but being glass it will crack and shatter when bent or struck. It’s also considerably more expensive than baked enamel.

Q. Can I use these signs outdoors?
A. Yes, but. Our signs are made with baked enamel, like a car. If you park a car outdoors for years, the weather will eventually cause the finish to fade and deteriorate, and the steel will rust. To preserve the finish, you need to use car polish regularly. The same goes for enamel signs.

Q. Do the signs come with any mounting holes?
A. Yes, the signs have 6 - 1/8” mounting holes without any obtrusive brass grommets.

Q. How many signs do you carry?
A. We have over 100 different signs, many added in the last couple of years including our first Mexican sign, with more new signs in the works.

Q. Why don’t you make __________ sign?
A. There are some signs we do not make, and may never make. This is because they are registered trademarks whose owners either will not give permission or want so much as to make their manufacture a money-loser. There are other owners whose requirements are reasonable, and we will make their signs. There are also many attractive signs that are in the public domain. We will make, or are making, many of them.

Q. Can you make a custom sign for me?
A. Sorry, we just don’t have the time for custom work. But if you have a sign that would be a suitable addition to our catalogue, we may be able to put it on our list of new signs to do.

Q. Do you make any two-sided signs?
A. The only two-sided sign we make is the Bear Alinement sign (#142, comes with wall bracket).

Q. Why are all the other signs blank on the back?
A. Most people don’t need a two-sided sign, especially since its production would greatly increase the labor and expense of manufacture and require considerably higher prices. Even with signs printed on just one side, we often have trouble keeping up with demand, and some customers have to wait weeks for their orders to be filled.

Q. Why don’t you offer two-sided signs as an option?
A. The previous answer applies here too, only more so. Applying extra paint on the backs of a few signs would nearly double their cost, because it would require just as much paint, time (labor), clean-up, and cooking as the first side.

Q. But I have an application where a two-sided version would be perfect. What can I do?
A. Since production of a two-sided sign would cost about the same as two signs, use two signs back-to-back. For the foreseeable future, that’s the only solution we can suggest.

Q. Why did you misspell Alignment on the Bear Alinement sign?
A. We didn’t. If you look at our page of original signs, you’ll see that this was the spelling used on the actual bear sign we copied. In the 19th and early 20th centuries unorthodox, clever, and cute spellings were common, especially in advertising. Thus we have Kleenex, not Cleanex, and brands such as No-Nox, Keen Kutter, Icy-Flo, Sunkist, Koolmotor, Sunfreze, and Snoboy. One theory of the origin of OK is that it comes from the facetious misspelling oil kerrekt, popular among New England college boys in the early 19th century.

Feeding LED sign directly from PC

A customer of mine bought an Indoor LED sign and wanted to feed it information directly from his computer. What follows is the post he put on his blog:

I have two scrolling LED signs. One provides us with a daily forecast every morning and provides us with record high and low temperatures to help each day’s weather in perspective. The sign also lets us know the artist and title of the song that is currently playing in our bedroom. It’s driven by a perl script writing to a serial port to which the sign is connected.

The other sign is in our fitness room. It helps my wife keep track of what resistance she should have on the elliptical based on what song is currently playing in iTunes. This sign is driven by a dot net built binary written in C#.

Sign Used: SS500

If there are questions on the sign, please let me know. And, if there are questions on the code, I will pass the questions along to my customer.