Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Access to your Scrolling LED sign from everywhere

I have had some "Datafeed" LED signs on my website for quite awhile, but I have not made the effort to test them out. Finally, I found some time over the weekend to do. And, it was VERY easy.

Here is what is needed:
  1. Universal Device Server
  2. A Datafeed LED sign (I am testing if it will work with LED signs from other manufacturers.)
  3. Internet connection
  4. Skywired Internet Service
  5. Computer to logon to website to program sign
Here are the steps it took to set it up. (Very general)
  1. Hook the LED Datafeed sign up. (Plug it in, and connect the cable from the sign to the UDS)
  2. Get the Universal Device Server (UDS) hooked up. This involves plugging the UDS into a power source. Then, you plug the Ethernet cable into one end of the UDS. And, the other end of the UDS device needs to be plugged into a cable that looks like a phone cable.
  3. I telneted into my router to make sure it could see the UDS device. And, fortunately, my router did not need a firmware upgrade. Depending on your device this may not be true. Out of the box, my UDS was assigned a particular ID. So, all that remained was logging into the website, and begin inputting messages or the datafeeds.
  4. I logged into the website with login and password.
  5. The datafeeds can be set up. You can choose the stocks and sports information you desire.
  6. You can choose the color of the display AND you can choose the way the information is described. (i.e. from the top, from the side, etc.)
  7. And, if you choose to have a custom message typed in, that is also available from a different form within the site.
  8. It may take 15-20 minutes for the info to be sent to the sign. Once this is done, it will continue to feed the data until changes are made.
If there are other questions or experiences with these signs, let me know. I will gladly release the info to the blog.


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