Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Feeding LED sign directly from PC

A customer of mine bought an Indoor LED sign and wanted to feed it information directly from his computer. What follows is the post he put on his blog:

I have two scrolling LED signs. One provides us with a daily forecast every morning and provides us with record high and low temperatures to help each day’s weather in perspective. The sign also lets us know the artist and title of the song that is currently playing in our bedroom. It’s driven by a perl script writing to a serial port to which the sign is connected.

The other sign is in our fitness room. It helps my wife keep track of what resistance she should have on the elliptical based on what song is currently playing in iTunes. This sign is driven by a dot net built binary written in C#.

Sign Used: SS500

If there are questions on the sign, please let me know. And, if there are questions on the code, I will pass the questions along to my customer.

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