Sunday, March 30, 2008

Can LetterLED be that easy?

Yes, it can!

When at the recent ISA (International Sign Association) show, I was speaking with a representative from LetterLED. His comment was, "If people understood how easy are sign system was and how cost effective it is, they couldn't help but buy it." And, for these reasons, I tend to agree:

  1. You get your own customized sign. To buy a custom neon sign, it would cost much more.
  2. You can have a single or double line sign.
  3. You can change the sign by just pulling off the letters and then putting on new letters.
  4. A custom OPEN sign for under $100.
  5. Energy efficient: Save 70-80% on energy costs.
  6. Installation: Easy 5 minute installation.
  7. Safety: Impact resistant and safe to the touch.
  8. New script letters coming soon.
  9. And, after the script letters, 7 inch letters will also be coming.
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