Sunday, April 27, 2008

Is there a "green" business banner?

Since I missed Earth Day, I wanted to encourage you all to buy reusable signs. Many of the sidewalk signs, roadside signs, and window signs are changeable and reusable. But, are you familiar with the options available in changeable banner signs?

Both banner systems offered at SignsSeen are good, but the changeable velcro banner has a few advantages over the pocket changeable banner.

  1. The velcro banner system has many more color choices than the pocket banner system.
  2. The velcro banner system allows the use of either 8 inch velcro letters OR 4 inch velcro letters. The pocket banner system comes with pockets that will only accommodate letters of a certain size.
  3. Although both the velcro and pocket banners can get PVC frames, the velcro banner system also has graffiti guards available.
Both systems can have custom logos on the banners. And, both banner systems will ship in 1 to 7 business days.

So, if you want to go "green" (i.e. reusable), save money by making your own banners, and be able to change your business or advertising message immediately, look into any of the changeable banner systems OR any of the other great signs at SignsSeen!

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