Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mounting your Double Pole Mount Signs

At the recent ISA show, a rep from Wayne Industries educated me on installing a double pole mount sign.

  1. First, the Wayne Industry sign does not come with poles. Poles can be purchased at a large box hardward store-wood would be fine.
  2. And, I believe he also mentioned picking up lag bolts to connect the sign to the pole.
  3. The holes should be dug to the necessary depth AND the necessary width.
  4. Put the poles into the holes.
  5. And, all of this made sense, but the last part is something I did not realize. When using Quikcrete® with gravel, just dump the Quikcrete® into the hole. (The Quikcrete® gets the necessary moisture from the soil.)
  6. Both poles needed leveled. Use posts to make sure the poles are square from all sides.
  7. And, we didn't discuss when the sign should be installed. If the poles are stable enough, I suppose the double pole sign could be installed immediately. But, without having the directions in front of me, I would do whatever they say.
Whether you choose a lit or non-lit model OR a sign with a pre-printed face or tracked face, SignsSeen has models for your needs.

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