Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Perils of your new Roadside Sign coming on a truck

Typically, this would not be news. But, the past couple weeks have had for some difficult deliveries. Some things to keep in mind when you order items that are delivered on a truck. This would include:
  • Roadside portable signs
  • Roadside signs with trailers
  • Portable Black Signs
  • Solar Powered LED Trailer Mount Signs
  • Permanent mount changeable letter signs, and
  • Almost all outdoor signs, with the exception of sidewalk signs.
Things to be aware of:
  1. Depending on the carrier, shipping to a business is less expensive. Shipping to a residence is almost always more expensive. And, if shipping to a church, school, library, VFW, or other facility, some carriers will charge more. If you need to choose a location to ship to, a business with a dock is ALWAYS the best.
  2. When you are called to schedule a time for delivery to be made, please be there when you say you will. If you are not, the carrier will charge additional for the next delivery. The sign distributer will need to pass that redelivery charge on to you.
  3. When the sign is being delivered, PLEASE inspect it the best you can before it gets off of the truck. And, if you can inspect it more thoroughly on the ground before you sign the paperwork, please do. Once you have the sign and have signed the paperwork, it is VERY difficult to get the sign replaced. (This often involved a forklift accident, but it may also include other damage that is covered up by the packaging. Make sure you explore under the cardboard!!)
  4. If the sign is damaged and you refuse the shipment, call your distributor as soon as possible. Once they know of the problem, they can work with the manufacturer to get you a new undamaged sign as quickly as possible.
In the past week, I had a customer who ordered a custom sign. It was damaged on delivery, and they handled the problem perfectly--just as described above. I received a call before the truck had left with the damaged sign.

I have also had to deal with a customer who produced unsigned paperwork claiming damage---2 weeks after the sign was delivered. This customer was not happy with the results.

And, I had another customer who ordered the sign over a month ago. They have changed the delivery address after refusing the sign twice at the address originally provided. A new delivery address was provided, but by the time the sign was on a truck 3 times, it arrived damaged at the address. They refused the shipment, and now the process starts again....

Hopefully, this advice can help you when a sign is ordered that needs delivered on a truck. If you have any questions, give us at SignsSeen a call!!

However, if you don't want to mess with a big delivery truck (Does UPS count?), you can go with the Swinger RoadSide Sidewalk Message Board Sign. It is not as big as a 4' x 8' Roadside Arrow Sign, but it comes in one box from UPS. And, because it is a unique size, it will catch the eyes of your future customers!!

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