Saturday, May 17, 2008

New A-Frame Sidewalk Signs Now Available

The sidewalk sign is frequently used by small businesses. And, although, SignsSeen sells many Swinger signs (i.e. Roadside Swinger signs, Springer Signs, Deluxe Black Swinger Signs, Tip'n Roll signs, & PLUS Swinger signs), a new family of signs has joined the SignsSeen website: The A-Frame. The a frame was present before, but only in plastic signs. Now, a full variety of A-Frames exists:
Based on price, the Swinger signs will continue to sell well. However, the new A-Frames to have some nice options:
  • Multiples display surfaces: Want a chalkboard (black or green chalkboard) or a dry erase board? Want an acrylic board to create your own messages on? These are just a couple of the options available on these new A-Frame signs.
  • Custom Headers: I have often been asked if I could provide custom headers for customers. And, I usually responded, "Once the custom header is shipped to you separately, a local sign shop could do it less expensively." Now, after ordering a custom header and providing the artwork, your new sign will ship EXACTLY as you want it.
  • Larger sizes: Some of the new A-Frame signs will allow you to purchase a sign that is 48" wide. Wow, what a message you can put on that! Don't forget the extra leters!!
  • Different colored letter sets: The Swinger signs and Folding Sidewalk Signs have always come with the Black Letters & Red Numbers. BUT, the new A-Frame signs also offer Blue Letters with Red Numbers. Just make your choice at the time of ordering!
  • Cool Markers: Have you ever used liquid chalk markers? Have you ever used a REALLY bright set of Markers? Then you need to visit SignsSeen! ;-)
  • The Ballast Bag: I have often said to use tent pegs or sand bags to keep your new sign in place. Now, the new series of a-frame signs allows you to conveniently order a ballast bag that will quickly take care of that task.
Interested? Please check out either SignsSeen or Sidewalk-Signs for the complete product line! Did I miss something? Email me and let me know.

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