Monday, August 18, 2008

Limo Driver Sign stands up to abuse

Recently, after talking with a friend, I set the limo driver sign with handle connected on the back of my truck. We continued talking, and after we were done, I just hopped in the truck and drove off. As I was getting up to speed, I heard a sound like a pop can behind me. Once my friend stopped, I felt quite certain I knew what it was--my sign had fallen off my truck at a pretty good speed.

Of course, I was prepared for the worst. BUT, the battery operated LED sign did surprise me. It still worked fine. It did take some scrapes on the top and the handle did snap off. However, the programming (both the computer programming and the on-board programming) continue to work fine. I look forward to getting the final sample later this month. And, if it has all of the changes made I requested, it is still on schedule to be available late September-early October. I look forward to getting feedback from those lucky enough to get the first signs!!

Questions? Let me know....


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