Sunday, August 3, 2008

Portable Outdoor Modular LED Sign System

I had the pleasure this week of trying out a new LED outdoor module sign system. And, to let you know the results in advance, I was impressed.

The positive:
  1. It is wireless and pretty easy to program
  2. The modules hooked up very easily together. I only used two (2), but it could have been up to 4 wide.
  3. It is hard to demonstrate in this picture, but it does have a scroll mode.
  4. I am only showing the red display, but it also comes in other colors of LEDs.
  5. It is very light-weight, and can be easily moved.
The negative:
  1. It only stores 3 messages, BUT since it is so easy to program, this isn't so bad.
  2. If using outdoors, the power supply is plugged in and sealant needs to be applied where the plug is attached. It has advantages for outdoor use, but is isn't quite as flexible once this takes place.
  3. Right now, all messages can only be 7 inches high (the panel size). Coming in September, I have been told that the display will be able to span the modules and be possibly up to 28 inches tall.
All in all, even though this is VERY brief, this is a good solution to consider if you are looking at an inexpensive outdoor solution. And, if you have questions, call or email.


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Outdoor Displays said...

Those led signs look great. I know they have started to come down in price but how much does something led signs in the picture run for?