Sunday, September 7, 2008

What are the steps to get a customizeable velcro banner?

I have been selling quite a few velcro changeable banners lately. Many customer have requested their banners have custom logos. [See above]. It really is not a very complicated process.
  1. You need to determin what size banner you want to order. The standard sizes are multiples of 3: 3' x 3'; 3' x 6'; & 3' x 9'. I often receive requests for 4' x 9' or 4' x 8' changeable banners. Of course, these are available, too.
  2. Banner color: There are a number of colors available. These are all listed on the SignsSeen website.
  3. Letter Color: The letter colors are WHITE or BLACK. This choice is mostly made by the banner color chosen.
  4. Letter Size: The existing banner packages come with either 4 inch letters or 8 inch letters. And, because of the unique design of the velcro banner, either letter set can be used on the same banner. The Velcro is in 4 inch intervals, so that either set of letters can be used simultaneously on the same banner. [The letters have velcro dots in just the right spot to make the whole system work perfectly.]
  5. Banner Orientation: Although most banner are done horizontally, requests do come in for vertical banners. This is a custom banner, but it is not significantly more. The velcro strips are just placed on the banner running the other direction.
  6. Banner Mounting: Most of the banner come with an internal frame, and a PVC stand is also available. I have also had requests for banners that can hang down. This can also be done, but the banner needs to be reinforced properly.
  7. Logo: Although some design work can be done, it is more expensive. A sample of a "banner proof" is shown above. The logo can run entirely across the top of the banner OR it can be done like the US Flag-just in the top left corner. The logo will need to be sent to our design department, and your proof will follow. Depending on the customization desired, the cost is typically less than $100 additional per banner.
Do you need a changeable banner? Do you need a customized banner? Visit SignsSeen to find out more about velcro changeable banners and other portable sign options.

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