Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Can you estimate the price of a Solar Powered Sign?

Certainly!! But, before I do, let me give you some background...

As a Master Distributor for Agile Displays, most of the sales have been of trailer mount signs. The trailer mount signs are already manufactured to a certain size, so there is no real need for estimating. However, shipping does generally run $500-$1500/sign.

Another factor is where the solar powered sign will be used. If the sign is used in the northern United States, the increased cloud cover makes the decision on the number of solar panels more difficult. And, of course, the southern United States typically has an abundance of sunshine.

Additionally, there is the choice of LED panels. A 38 mm LED panel and a 19 mm LED panel are both available. The 19 mm panels have the LEDs closer together, so it is a better choice if graphics are a greater concern. And, because there are more LEDs in the 19 mm panels, they are more expensive. Both LED panels are 18" x 24".

Finally, using solar panels is VERY green, but if there is access to standard power, standard power is the most cost effective choice. (I will explain this shortly.) The Agile Display panels use approximately 15% of the power used by standard outdoor LED sign panels. Thus, using an Agile Display LED sign even if used WITHOUT solar power is still a GREEN choice!!

To effectively provide an estimate, the LED panels AND the solar panels will be addressed separately.

The above sign is 72" W x 48" H. It is made of 8 LED panels. The sign could be made with either 38 mm or 19 mm panels.

38 mm panels are approximately $800 EA.
19 mm panels are approximately $900 EA.

38 mm panels = $800 x 8 = $6,400.
19 mm panels = $900 x 8 = $7,200.

Each sign needs to be built, and each face has a wireless network for programming. The approximate cost is $1,200.

Approximate Uninstalled Cost of Each Sign (Sign only with no shipping or installation costs)
72" x 48" 38 mm LED sign: $7,600
72" x 48" 19 mm LED sign: $8,400

Solar Panels

In the above sign, 4 Solar Panels would be necessary. How did I get this number? Divide the number of Solar panels by 3 (8/3=3) and add 1. So, a total of 4.

Solar Panel cost = $1,200 per sign panel X 4 panels = $4,800.

Battery Pack: 1 battery pack per 4 Solar Panels at $1,200.

The total for a 19 mm LED Solar Powered Sign non-installed without shipping.....

72" x 48" 19 mm LED sign: $8,400
4 Solar Panels: $4,800
1 Battery Pack: $1,200
Total: $14,400

Do you want a double-sided LED sign? It is not exact, but doubling the price will get your pretty close....

Still confused? Please send us an email or give us a call to help sort out the pricing for your individual sign needs.

The SignsSeen Team

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