Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Updates on Outdoor LED Modular Sign System

We have been gettting many questions about outdoor LED signs lately. It is typically a question about the solar powered LED signs OR low power consumption outdoor LED signs which use about 15% of the power of most other LED signs. And, once our customers find out how much a typical outdoor LED sign costs, they become much more interested in the Outdoor LED modular sign system (Yes, it can also be used indoors.) Since we last discussed this product, here is some new information direct from the manufacturer:

  • Sign panel construction: The LED Tiles face plate are actually cemented together to the back enclosure. In other words, a cement is used that actually melts both plastics together. So the seal is very strong. It ends up like a single piece of plastic. When the tiles need to be opened to retrieve the electronics, the black plastic that makes up the back of the Tile gets torn off and is adhered to the red cover. If the sign panels need to be transported, bouncing will not be a problem.
  • OutdoorSign Options: The standard tiles have a sealant that is applied at the point where the power is plugged into the sign panel. Upon requests, sealed tiles could be supplied from our factory with waterproof flat connectors so multi-panel signs can be easily assembled and disassembled. Without this option, the waterproofing would not be as effective on a sign that is broken down and then reassembled. The tiles can be mounted together on a back board made out of metal or wood. When the Tiles are mounted, a fastening set screw needs to be placed above each column of tiles to keep them in place when upward motion happens.
  • Multi-Line Signs: This is expected the beginning of 2009. To allow Multi-Line signs, one "master" tile would need to be ordered. It would cost approximately $300 more than the standard tiles. (only one "master" tile needed per sign) The Tiles integrated software will allow multiple fonts on the displays, as well as multi character heights.
  • Brightness: One standard LED panel with 30 degrees red LEDs is approx. 600 nits. 1 Nits is 1 candela per squared metered at 1 meter distance. And, a candela is basically the luminosity intensity of a common candle. As you add panels, this 600 nits number will multiply.
  • Vacancy Sign: A new Vacancy sign made up of two tiles. It is pretty nice, since motel owner can mix vacancy with small messages. And one single key strike will switch between Vacancy or No Vacancy displays. As well as combining this with a small message.
  • Programming: Once you have your keyboard for programming your sign, you can use the same keyboard to program up to 10 signs!!
  • LED Sign Panel Architecture: Basically, 8 tiles in length x 6 tiles width and any other grouping in between. Under development, is a 7 feet x 50 feet display for a company. In summary, tell us what you want, and we will work to develop it for you.
  • Display Size: The 7" display are available now. Large screen display will start shipping early next year.

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