Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from SignsSeen

From all of us at SignsSeen, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And, if you like Happy Holidays better, we wish you that as well!

We look forward to serving you for the first, second or additional time!

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Archer Trading Ebay Store
and more to come in 2009!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Low Tech Limo Driver Sign coming January 2009!

Limo Driver sign

The LimoDriverSign ™ family of signs are designed to be completely self-contained signs. If you want to change the message, you can:

  • Input a new message with the on-board programming! (If using the handheld LED) OR
  • Use a wet towel and wipe off the old message before writing a new one. (If using the message board and pen.)

The Low-Tech LimoDriverSign ™ is a newly designed sign that takes portability and flexibility to a new level. The simple but effective features will make this a sign purchase that will rapidly return your investment. Do you have ideas of other uses for this sign? Let us know your ideas.....

Limo Driver sign

The sign has the following features :
  1. A velcro strip keeps the pen from getting lost. Each sign comes with a strip of male/female velcro that will all the pen to always be close by. We recommend putting the velcro on the pen cap so it will still be available when your marker is replaced.
  2. To simply carry the sign, a small hole is provided to hook your thumb. This will allow you to have a very secure grip on the sign even if carrying it in a crowd.
  3. The water washable pen is easily available through a variety of internet sources. And, if you choose, there are flourescent colors that can also be used. The black marker works well with the white sign board, but we are very partial to the white marker with the black sign board.
  4. The sign board is made of a 10 mil thick material that has been tested in sign applications for many years. If taken care of, the sign face will last for many, many uses.
  5. The sign is double faced. If a damp towel is not immediately available, both sides of the signs are available to place messages upon.

Other uses for the Low-Tech LimoDriverSign™

  • Parents: The sign can be used by your kids in the car while traveling. The black board is MUCH more fun when flourescent markers are used.
  • Sporting Events: Because the sign is so light weight, the sign can be used for outdoor sporting events when a scoreboard is not available. (i.e. kids soccer games etc.)
Interested in volume purchases of this product? Call us!

Tee Nuts for Your Sign Making Needs

What are Tee Nuts?

Tee-Nuts and Screws can be used to attach your sign hinges to your sign boards OR they can be used to attach sign faces to plastic A-Frame sign boards. They are very easy to use, and they give your signs a very clean look.

This bag will make ten (10) HingeHandleOne or 16" 8-Tab Signs. Or, it will make twenty (20) 12" 4-Tab Signs.

Tee Nuts and Screws available on Ebay.

Sign Making Kits which include Tee Nuts, Sign Feet, and Sign Hinge:

Interested in bulk purchases of these items? Contact us! We will be glad to work with you.

Friday, December 19, 2008

SignsSeen sells signs seen at 'Yes Man' Premiere

I had the priviledge this week of selling some LED scrolling signs that were used during the premiere of the new Jim Carrey movie, 'Yes Man'. I was not able to find any pictures that focused specifically on the signs, but in this video (and others), they are in the background during interviews. [The scrolling letters are in red on a 2" x 24" sign. They are scrolling "YES YES YES YES......."]

Interested in purchasing a scrolling LED sign of your own? Either call us, or visit our site!

And, if anyone scours the net and finds a better picture of the sign, I would REALLY like to know!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

How do I install a handle to the sign board?

To reduce the intimidation in making your own sidewalk sign, we have put together some information to let you know how easy it is.

First, some information on the least expensive sign hinge handle we sell--The Hinge Handle One!

* No individual tabs - each side is one piece.
* Pre-located holes for Tee nuts.
* Hinge pin twice as strong as previous HH s.
* 100% all weather durable and rust resistant.
* 8 inch long contact strip for stapling.
* Rib design for extreme strength.
* Made of composite super strong material.
* 5 year unconditional warranty.

Two Possible Installation Methods


Install the HingeHandle so it is located in the center of the board. You may consider installing several staples through the HH and into the board to hold it in position while your drilling the holes for the tee nuts. Now drill 1/4” holes thought the HH and the board using the
holes in the HingeHandle as a template guide. After the holes are drilled, flip the boards around and install the tee nuts. After that flip the boards around again and install the screws into the tee nuts. You may find that only two tee nuts and screws are needed on small boards 19” wide by 24” high, but four should be used on larger sign boards like 24” wide by 32” high or larger.


A very fast and effective method of installing HingeHandle is to staple it directly to the board. HingeHandle has an 8 inch long contact strip which allows at least 10 to 15 staples to be installed. If using ½ inch thick board material like Medex or Plywood then use a staple no longer then ½ inch long. Also make sure the crown of the staple does not penetrate or bury itself into the hinge handle contact strip itself. This may require an air pressure control valve located between the air compressor and your air stapler.We found that only 40 pounds of air pressure was required to operate the stapler so it would install staples properly as shown below.

In the next posting on sidewalk sign making, we will go into a little more detail.

What does it cost to make an A-Frame sign?

Recently, I started carrying a variety of products so people can make their own signs. Since I have received the question a few times, here is an answer for all:

The boards

Use ½” thick MDF (wood fibre board). Home Depot sell these for about $18 per 4x8 sheet which will make 3 - 24” x 32” high A-Frame signs. This is the most common size for street sign and will cost only $6.00 for both boards. A 4x8 will make 5 complete 19” x 24” real estateA-Frame , for only $3.60 each .

Ideal board material for A-Frame signs can be ½ inch think Crezon, MDF or Intercel board

Painting the Boards

Oil based paint or exterior latex on Fibre board will seals the board and edges perfectly. The cost of paint may cost under a dollar to do both 24” x 32” boards

The Hinge Handle

These hinge handles are the ideal hardware to make professional A-Frame signs of any size.

Three hinge handles sizes are available depending on the size of AFrame you are making. Depending on the size chosen, the sign hinges range in price from $7.50 - $11.00.

Sign Feet

Sign Feet are necessary to keep the board clean and dry and off the ground, concrete or grass.

Sign feet “ADD” an important feature to protect the bottom of the boards from ground moisture and dirt.

Attaching the Hinge to the Board

Not much expense here, but to be completely provide costs, this must be included. It is probably $1-2 depending what is used. In a future post, I will go into more detail on "tee

Cost - including the two boards, hinge handle, tee-nuts and sign feet but not labor.

19” wide x 24” high = $17.50
24” wide x 32” high = $21.50
32” wide x 48” high = $30.00

More information on these cost-saving sign making products to come!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Full Line of Spinning Signs now at SignsSeen

Sidewalk Spinning Sign - Single Tap N Go Small Spinning Sign

We have just added a familyof spinning signs to the website. These signs are certain to catch the eye of anyone who walks/drives/rides past them. Please take a look at these products and the other sign products available at SignsSeen and SignsWork.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Portable, Programmable LED Sign Now in Stock!

Limo Driver sign Limo Driver sign

After much waiting and anticipation, the "Limo Driver Sign" is now in stock. It is everything I hoped it would be--the only exception is I don't have plugs for all countries. Fortunately, the car adapter will work for you no matter what country you are in.

To go through the signs features again...

The LimoDriverSign ™ is a newly designed sign that takes portability and flexibility to a new level. The onboard programming allows for quicker programming than signs that need a remote or computer. The only thing needed in addition to the sign is your FINGER! No computer necessary, and the battery lasts for nearly 6 hours. Do you know a Limousine Driver who could use a sign like this? Can you think of a way to make a business or family activity more fun with a battery-operated, hand-programmable, portable LED sign? Let us know about your ideas.....

The sign is expected to come with:
  1. a cigarette lighter adapter
  2. a plug to plug into US outlets (Other plug styles available for quantity orders.)
  3. All controls are on the sign to allow for quick ON-BOARD programming --NO COMPUTER NECESSARY!!!
  4. a cable to connect the PC to the sign for easy programming (software included)
  5. a handle for holding the sign (seen in the picture)
  6. a battery that will last up to 6 hours with a charge time of only about 3 hours.
  • The size and weight of the sign would allow it to fit into the breast pocket of a sports jacket.
  • The expected price for the sign would be about $119 + shipping. There will be a discount for bulk orders. (10 or more)
  • The packaging will be small enough that it could ship very easily internationally via United States Postal Service.
  • Would you like to take this sign and do some of your own customizing? Contact me about your ideas.
  • Besides the free space at the bottom of the sign, the entire back of the sign could be private labeled/branded.

Other uses for the LimoDriverSign™

  • Parents: The sign can be used to encourage your student atheletes from the sidelines without having to yell over the other parents (i.e. "Great Defense, Billy!!!)
  • Military Spouses: Give that special welcome when you greet your returning hero. (i.e. We Missed You and Are Glad You Are Home, David!!)
  • Children: When the kids play 20 questions, let them store their answer in the sign. And, when the "guessers" have gotten their answer, the sign can allow the confirmation to be scrolled across the screen.
  • Business: The LimoDriverSign™ can be used as part of a display when power resources are limited. (i.e. The sign could say, "Ask us about our show special! OR "Contact us @")
  • Disabilities: The battery life and portability could allow those in wheelchairs to scroll a message of their choice.
If you have questions on this product, we look forward to hearing from you!!