Sunday, December 7, 2008

How do I install a handle to the sign board?

To reduce the intimidation in making your own sidewalk sign, we have put together some information to let you know how easy it is.

First, some information on the least expensive sign hinge handle we sell--The Hinge Handle One!

* No individual tabs - each side is one piece.
* Pre-located holes for Tee nuts.
* Hinge pin twice as strong as previous HH s.
* 100% all weather durable and rust resistant.
* 8 inch long contact strip for stapling.
* Rib design for extreme strength.
* Made of composite super strong material.
* 5 year unconditional warranty.

Two Possible Installation Methods


Install the HingeHandle so it is located in the center of the board. You may consider installing several staples through the HH and into the board to hold it in position while your drilling the holes for the tee nuts. Now drill 1/4” holes thought the HH and the board using the
holes in the HingeHandle as a template guide. After the holes are drilled, flip the boards around and install the tee nuts. After that flip the boards around again and install the screws into the tee nuts. You may find that only two tee nuts and screws are needed on small boards 19” wide by 24” high, but four should be used on larger sign boards like 24” wide by 32” high or larger.


A very fast and effective method of installing HingeHandle is to staple it directly to the board. HingeHandle has an 8 inch long contact strip which allows at least 10 to 15 staples to be installed. If using ½ inch thick board material like Medex or Plywood then use a staple no longer then ½ inch long. Also make sure the crown of the staple does not penetrate or bury itself into the hinge handle contact strip itself. This may require an air pressure control valve located between the air compressor and your air stapler.We found that only 40 pounds of air pressure was required to operate the stapler so it would install staples properly as shown below.

In the next posting on sidewalk sign making, we will go into a little more detail.

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