Monday, December 22, 2008

Low Tech Limo Driver Sign coming January 2009!

Limo Driver sign

The LimoDriverSign ™ family of signs are designed to be completely self-contained signs. If you want to change the message, you can:

  • Input a new message with the on-board programming! (If using the handheld LED) OR
  • Use a wet towel and wipe off the old message before writing a new one. (If using the message board and pen.)

The Low-Tech LimoDriverSign ™ is a newly designed sign that takes portability and flexibility to a new level. The simple but effective features will make this a sign purchase that will rapidly return your investment. Do you have ideas of other uses for this sign? Let us know your ideas.....

Limo Driver sign

The sign has the following features :
  1. A velcro strip keeps the pen from getting lost. Each sign comes with a strip of male/female velcro that will all the pen to always be close by. We recommend putting the velcro on the pen cap so it will still be available when your marker is replaced.
  2. To simply carry the sign, a small hole is provided to hook your thumb. This will allow you to have a very secure grip on the sign even if carrying it in a crowd.
  3. The water washable pen is easily available through a variety of internet sources. And, if you choose, there are flourescent colors that can also be used. The black marker works well with the white sign board, but we are very partial to the white marker with the black sign board.
  4. The sign board is made of a 10 mil thick material that has been tested in sign applications for many years. If taken care of, the sign face will last for many, many uses.
  5. The sign is double faced. If a damp towel is not immediately available, both sides of the signs are available to place messages upon.

Other uses for the Low-Tech LimoDriverSign™

  • Parents: The sign can be used by your kids in the car while traveling. The black board is MUCH more fun when flourescent markers are used.
  • Sporting Events: Because the sign is so light weight, the sign can be used for outdoor sporting events when a scoreboard is not available. (i.e. kids soccer games etc.)
Interested in volume purchases of this product? Call us!

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