Thursday, December 4, 2008

Portable, Programmable LED Sign Now in Stock!

Limo Driver sign Limo Driver sign

After much waiting and anticipation, the "Limo Driver Sign" is now in stock. It is everything I hoped it would be--the only exception is I don't have plugs for all countries. Fortunately, the car adapter will work for you no matter what country you are in.

To go through the signs features again...

The LimoDriverSign ™ is a newly designed sign that takes portability and flexibility to a new level. The onboard programming allows for quicker programming than signs that need a remote or computer. The only thing needed in addition to the sign is your FINGER! No computer necessary, and the battery lasts for nearly 6 hours. Do you know a Limousine Driver who could use a sign like this? Can you think of a way to make a business or family activity more fun with a battery-operated, hand-programmable, portable LED sign? Let us know about your ideas.....

The sign is expected to come with:
  1. a cigarette lighter adapter
  2. a plug to plug into US outlets (Other plug styles available for quantity orders.)
  3. All controls are on the sign to allow for quick ON-BOARD programming --NO COMPUTER NECESSARY!!!
  4. a cable to connect the PC to the sign for easy programming (software included)
  5. a handle for holding the sign (seen in the picture)
  6. a battery that will last up to 6 hours with a charge time of only about 3 hours.
  • The size and weight of the sign would allow it to fit into the breast pocket of a sports jacket.
  • The expected price for the sign would be about $119 + shipping. There will be a discount for bulk orders. (10 or more)
  • The packaging will be small enough that it could ship very easily internationally via United States Postal Service.
  • Would you like to take this sign and do some of your own customizing? Contact me about your ideas.
  • Besides the free space at the bottom of the sign, the entire back of the sign could be private labeled/branded.

Other uses for the LimoDriverSign™

  • Parents: The sign can be used to encourage your student atheletes from the sidelines without having to yell over the other parents (i.e. "Great Defense, Billy!!!)
  • Military Spouses: Give that special welcome when you greet your returning hero. (i.e. We Missed You and Are Glad You Are Home, David!!)
  • Children: When the kids play 20 questions, let them store their answer in the sign. And, when the "guessers" have gotten their answer, the sign can allow the confirmation to be scrolled across the screen.
  • Business: The LimoDriverSign™ can be used as part of a display when power resources are limited. (i.e. The sign could say, "Ask us about our show special! OR "Contact us @")
  • Disabilities: The battery life and portability could allow those in wheelchairs to scroll a message of their choice.
If you have questions on this product, we look forward to hearing from you!!

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