Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Sidewalk Sign Line Available at SignsSeen

Dry Erase Marker Board Sidewalk Sign Blank A-Frame Sidewalk Sign with White Graphics Ready Insert

These signs are sold by others out on the web, but SignsSeen is again delivering some of the best pricing available. And, this line of signs also has a few options not previously offered:

  • Dry Erase A Frame Sign: Prior to this sign, the WO/WO sign was available. This sign is not waterproof, but it does give a very low cost option for a business who needs to bring in more customers.
  • Changeable Letter A Frame Sign: Yes, we have offered and sold a few changeable sidewalk signs. The neat part about this system is the variation in letters that can be used. This system can use 2, 4, 6, or 8 inch changeable sign letters. It will allow your sign to present your message in a variety of ways some of our other sign systems would not.
  • Blank Panel and No Panel A Frame Signs: Do you have a way to make your own signs? If you already have the panel, just buy the No Panel A Frame. If you want a panel, but have a sign shop to help you put your sign together, go with the Blank Panel A Frame.
We have many new signs coming over the coming months. We looking forward to providing you these signs and the many others. And, if you can't find something at SignsSeen, let us know if we might be able to helpl.

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