Sunday, May 3, 2009

April 2009 ISA Show

I attended the ISA show in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. And, although I don't do lots of customized products, here are some things are noticed (or was told):

  1. Putting out more tables in what was previously booth space keeps attendees from realizing there are fewer exhibitors this year.
  2. If you see an LED exhibitor carrying a soldering iron when they are setting up their displays, you may want to think twice before buying their product.
  3. It is good to see existing suppliers and see what new products they have available. (i.e Agile Displays)
  4. If I did do customized products at my office, I could spend LOTS of money having the best equipment.
  5. As a result of the show, I have found a few new suppliers. And, they will be finding their way up on the site in the coming weeks/months.
  6. If Las Vegas is cold out (in the 60s-which it was the first day), you won't want to be by the pool and will spend more time at the show.
Posting has been difficult this year. In the coming weeks, I will attempt to be MUCH more disciplined. Let me know of any questions you may have. Andy

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