Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Signs shipped on a truck can get damaged

It has happened again.....

A sign delivery ending in a damaged sign. The sign was not damaged beyond use, but the customer wanted the sign perfect off of the truck. It is the customers responsibility to inspect the sign before it comes off the truck. If they fail to do this, and do not file a complaint within 24 hours, the manufacturer will not stand behind the shipping. And, if the customer is inflexible and will not work with the sign broker (SignsSeen) to get the sign fixed, the options run out pretty quickly.

So, at this point, SignsSeen is likely to suffer a charge back due to this customers lack of interest in solving a problem. Repeated emails were sent with solutions offered, but the customer failed to acknowledge the emails. And, now SignsSeen is likely to have a charge back for the sign.

SignsSeen does EVERYTHING it can to take care of its customers. But, the sales process is two-sided. We WANT customers who really want their signs. If you are a customer who is looking for a quick way to get out of a purchase you regret after the sign has arrived and has sat in your garage or warehouse for a week, please consider purchasing from one of the many other online websites.

As a result of this repeated experience, SignsSeen will no longer sell wall mounted or double pole mounted signs where the problematic trucking company is involved. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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