Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sign Track for Changeable Letters

.030 Track - 7.5' Length

With today's economy, customers are looking to save in any way. And, if they have enough ambition, they can make their own signs. Although SignsSeen also sells Sign Hinge Handles, most commonly, the "homemade" signs are wall mount or permanent mount signs.

SignsSeen has four types of track available:
  1. Track for 030 Letters - this is track for the VERY flexible letters.
  2. Track for 060 Letters - this is track for letters approximately the thickness of your credit card.
  3. Pronto Track(Not on site) - this is track for Gemini Pronto Letters. It comes in Black & White, and with variation on top and bottom track. And, both acrylic and polycarbonate (better) are available. It is best to call to make sure your needs are best addressed.
  4. Black Sign Track - This one is also not on the site. Call for specifics, but it will fit all Black Sign Letters.

To attach the track, different methods are used. It depends on the type of track and your comfort level.

  • Glue: Okay option, but as the seasons change, the glue may not hold for long.
  • Screws: If the screws can be used without interfering with the track, they are a good option. The screws must be very small, and they should not be overly tightened, or they may crack the track.
  • Pop rivets: Very commonly used, but I have not used them.

And, of course, if there is still confusion, give us at SignsSeen!!

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