Thursday, July 23, 2009

Signs and Promotional Items have same goal

Earlier this week, I attended a trade show for the Promotions Industry. And, it was quite an experience. After having attended a few ISA shows, I felt I knew my way around the sign show floor. BUT, promotional items are VERY different. Their are clothing items, pens, key chains, sign-like items, hats, bags, award and SO many other similar type things. Basically, if you can print or transfer a logo to it, it was represented.

And, after seeing ALL of these items and absorbing a few statements made in training classes, I can see how closely related the two products are. At a very high level, all signs and most promotional items are meant to increase awareness. The awareness may manifest itself in different ways. It might be higher sales, awareness of a medical condition, employee recognition, customer loyalty, and varying degrees in between.

In the coming months, as SignsSeen continues to learn more about Promotional Items, there will more postings here. And, if you have an interest in seeing some of the items available, check out our new site, And, if you have an interest in a balanced approach combining both sign and promotional items to increase your sales, let us know what you would like to achieve. The goal of SignsSeen is to better serve you and to continue to help you grow your sales--whether it is a new sign, whether it is a type of promotional item OR a combination!

Let us know how we can help you!!

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