Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Small businesses can turn to awnings for promotional space

I just found an article in "Sign & Digital Graphics" magazine. It may open your eyes to an untapped source of promoting your business.

If you believe awnings may be fit for you, contact your local sign shop OR visit OR gives us a call at

May your business keep growing!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Does SignsSeen rent Portable Signs?

Well, no......

I often will get the phone call asking, "Do you rent signs?"

And, after asking what type they want and stating that it is not that expensive to buy some signs at SignsSeen, I often end up telling them to check at an equipment rental place to see what type of portable signs or banners they may have available.

And, although rental rates are high and often they end up paying rental fees that would allow them to buy the sign after 3 or 4 rentals, they often still pursue the rental.

So, if you want to rent, and IF buying a sign is not an option, I can recommend you also try and call the local equipment rental company.

Good Luck!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Flexible Outdoor LED Module sign

I just spoke to a customer about an outdoor "Bar Open" sign. And, I don't know if she will purchase, but this system sure does meet her needs. What is the system? It is the Outdoor LED Module Sign system. It is MUCH less expensive than other outdoor LED signs, and it is SO flexible. It can be nearly 16 feet long, and it does store up to 3 messages.

If you are looking for an outdoor LED sign that allows upgrade-ability and ease of use, then please consider this product from SignsSeen.

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Product: Mobile Ad Kit

This is a new sign and/or promotional product for your business!!

Some basic facts:

  • Now you can own one or a whole fleet of outdoor mobile billboards where YOU produce, print & post custom ads quickly for as low as $2 per ad right from your personal computer 24/7.
  • Produce full color, backlit ads for 90% less than those vehicle magnetic signs that can easily blow off a car door while driving down the freeway.
  • Display professional backlit ads in LCD screen quality that’ll dazzle & SELL the viewer.
  • Promote any of your products in breathtaking 3D imagery for that extra WOW! effect.
  • Quickly & easily change your ads anytime & anywhere.
  • Display date sensitive & time sensitive ads in synch on two or two-thousand displays at specific time blocks around town or around the globe.
Contact SignsSeen to find out more!

Sunday, August 2, 2009