Friday, August 7, 2009

New Product: Mobile Ad Kit

This is a new sign and/or promotional product for your business!!

Some basic facts:

  • Now you can own one or a whole fleet of outdoor mobile billboards where YOU produce, print & post custom ads quickly for as low as $2 per ad right from your personal computer 24/7.
  • Produce full color, backlit ads for 90% less than those vehicle magnetic signs that can easily blow off a car door while driving down the freeway.
  • Display professional backlit ads in LCD screen quality that’ll dazzle & SELL the viewer.
  • Promote any of your products in breathtaking 3D imagery for that extra WOW! effect.
  • Quickly & easily change your ads anytime & anywhere.
  • Display date sensitive & time sensitive ads in synch on two or two-thousand displays at specific time blocks around town or around the globe.
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