Thursday, October 15, 2009

Modular Tile LED Board keeps getting better!!

Modular Tile LED Board

The Smart Tile LED Board is specifically designed to reduce the price of making large LED displays. Companies can get the low cost LED Boards, mount them inside their cabinets and a custom LED sign would be realized. No more having to settle for the usual LED displays with its less than attractive black metal cabinets. Companies can now make displays with all the ergonomics that their customers need, and avoid designing displays around unattractive and bulky black LED enclosures.

In addition, software is available, at low cost, to arrange the tile boards in asymmetrical shapes to conceive different architectural lighting concepts.

Choose from different outdoor power supplies to handle power according with the number of Tiles. Pick and choose the type of LEDs that fit your needs.


· Lowering the cost of delivering an LED display

· Keeping total display solution ergonomically appealing

· Flexibility of design. Basically, you choose where to locate the Smart Tile LED Boards

Smart Tile LED Board Specifications:


23” x 7” x (0.45” or 0.80”)


2 watts when displaying message, 6 watts with all LEDs on


8 – 15 Vdc


red, green, blue, amber, purple, pink


7”, 12”, 14”, 18”, 21” and up character height, various fonts


3 different messages

Display Mode:

Flash, scroll up, down, left, right, inverse


Conformal coded protects from moisture, dust, debris


-30 °C to 50 °C (- 22 °F to 122°F) Operating


10 oz.

LED Type:

6°, 15°, 30°, 120° for indoor or outdoor applications


Wireless radio signal, 350 feet line of sight, IBM full size keyboard

Display size:

Can connect up to 100 Smart Tiles LED Boards within same architecture

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