Thursday, December 10, 2009

Springer Sidewalk Sign on the beach?

Yes, you can place a Springer Sidewalk Sign on the beach. But, not many will be like this beach.

  • The Springer Ready-4-Graphics sign lends itself very easily to custom graphics. The graphics can be either printed on the face, or printed on a different material and applied to the sign face.
  • The sign can be either ballasted with water OR the very ample sand found all over the beach.
  • To change the sign face, additional blank faces can be purchased. Or, the sign face can be swapped out for a tracked sign face and then it can become a changeable letter sign.
Have other pictures of Magic Master signs or other sidewalk sign products? If you send them to us and tell us about how the sign is used (unless the picture makes it obvious), we can post them as well.

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