Saturday, January 30, 2010

Custom Black Banner with Fluorescent Letters

The Black Sign Banner is an easy and quick way to get your message out! It is eye-catching, and available in a variety of sizes.

When choosing your message, you will want to include 8-12 characters on the top and bottom rows. Your message can be bigger, but the bigger the message, the harder your message will be to see. Depending on the size of the banner, the letter size used will vary.

Banner Colors: Red/Orange, Green, Yellow, Pink, White

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Program the EZ LED sign

SignsSeen is a distributor of this product line. If you are interested, call us for pricing. They are an economical customized sign solution.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to determine whether your current business sign is effective

As you know a business sign is a very important part of any business. If you have a sign it is very important to determine how effective you sign is or isn’t. If your sign is not bringing in more customers and more money then you will want to reconsider the message that is being delivered via the sign. If your sign has not paid for itself after a few months then your sign is a liability and not an asset.

To measure how effective or ineffective your sign is simply assess your readership. If no one is reading the sign then the sign is not effective. It’s Simple as that.

To figure out how many people are actually reading your sign you can survey your customers. This is probably the easiest and least expensive way to go about it.

Ask your customers a few simple questions such as do they remember what the sign said? Do they remember what colors were on the sign? What stood out to them about the sign? These questions will help you figure out what’s working and what’s not. You can also ask for any suggestions that would help improve the overall look and feel of the sign.

Customers are very honest. They know what they want. Listen closely to what they are saying. Once you have surveyed enough customers go over all the forms and find the common denominators. If they say take a graphic or image off then do it. If something is not working then it would be in the best interest of your business to change it immediately.

The whole idea of having a sign is to get your message across to the hundreds or even thousands of people who pass by your business every single day. If you sign is not doing that then you are losing money.

Once your customers have finished taking the survey be sure to thank them. Offer them either a discount on their next purchase or give them something tangible such as a coffee cup or t-shirt with your company name and logo on it. This will help keep your business and its products fresh on customer’s minds.

How to boost your sales with an outdoor sign

Just think for a moment. How many times have you passed by a business, saw a sign that was advertising something and stopped? I’m guessing more than once. You see a good outdoor sign has the ability to boost traffic and sales. You and I are proof of that. I can’t count the amount of unplanned purchases I have made all because I saw a sign sitting outside of a business.

You have many options when it comes to advertising your business. You can use the newspaper, radio ads, email marketing, flyers and much more. Out of all of those wonderful options not one of them has the ability to increase your sales like an outdoor sign can. A sign is the best way to increase impulse buys.

People are constantly moving these days. Once you start your day to day tasks you will probably forget about the great special you read about in the paper this morning. With an outdoor sign you are able to remind your customer about the great sale you are having. They will then stop and hopefully make a purchase. And what about those people who didn’t read the paper this morning or didn’t hear your ad on the radio? How else will they know about your special as they are driving by? You need a sign to capture the attention of those driving by
who have no idea about your special or sale.

Most stores thrive off of impulse buys. People tend to spend more when it’s an impulse buy. Without a sign that relays your message adequately there is no way you can benefit from impulse buys.

A sign is probably the best yet least expensive form of advertising. It will pay for itself many times over. A business without a sign in today’s society will not be able to keep up. Remember, people are constantly moving. The only way you can get your message to them effectively is with an outdoor sign.

How To Advertise your business with a custom magnetic vehicle sign

Magnetic vehicle signs are the best way to advertise your business on the side of your car, truck, or delivery van. Magnetic signs are normally placed on either the left front door, the right front door or on the rear of the vehicle. If you drive around a lot you will be able to get your message out to hundreds if not thousands of potential customers.

If you need to temporarily advertise something then a magnetic sign is the way to go. Magnetic signs are very affordable and cost way less than permanently applied vehicle graphics.

Magnetic signs can not only be used on vehicles but they can be used on any flat surface such as steel entry doors or steel containers.

When you are shopping for a magnetic vehicle sign make sure it is made from durable thermoplastic vinyl, a permanently magnetized sheet with a smooth, semi-gloss white face. You also want to make sure that all four corners are radius cut so the sign won’t lift while the vehicle is moving.

When installing your magnetic sign make sure you do not have a fresh paint job. If you do have a fresh paint job wait at least 60 days for the paint to cure. Once the paint is good and dry make sure the magnet surface and the vehicle surface are clean. The smallest amount of dirt can increases the chances of your sign falling off.

Once you have your sign placed on your vehicle be sure to keep it clean by washing it at least 2-3 times a month. You want to make sureyour message is always readable. To wash the sign simply grab a bottle of household cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge. Wet the cloth or sponge and wipe down your sign.

Never go through the car wash while your magnetic sign is attached to your vehicle. Also try to remove the sign ever now and then to wash and wax up under it.

Once you’re done with your magnetic sign you will find that it is as easy to install as it is to remove. Start from whatever side you want and simply lift the sign off and start slowly rolling it off the vehicle. Once you have removed it you will need to store it either on a flat surface or on a steel surface. If you store it on a flat surface make sure the magnetic side is facing up. Do not roll the sign up.

If you have more than one magnetic sign be sure not to store them facing back to back. This will cause the signs to lose their magnetic ability. Store them on a flat surface such as the side of a fridge.

How to effectively "brand" your business location

One of the main goals of any business owner is to create some sort of brand recognition for their business. Big franchises such as McDonald's use their signage and logo in every advertisement they do. This reinforces their corporate image and keeps them and their products fresh on customer’s minds.

That’s what you want for your business. You want your sign to brand your business so that when people see your sign they can recall exactly what you have to offer. To do this you will want to include your logo on everything. Your signs, uniforms, stationery and any company property should have your logo on it.

You don’t have to be a part of a big national franchise to brand yourself in your local area. If you design and place your sign just right you will be able to create what is called “top-of-mind awareness” of your product and/or service in everyone who passes by your business on a regular basis.

If you have the right sign you can turn your unknown site into one that is distinct and branded. Many times a sign is the only indication that a business is there. It is very important that your sign be the focal point of your building.

If your business is located in an area without good street visibility consider using a high-rise sign. A visible high-rise sign will help increase your exposure.

Make sure you have your sign design copyrighted. This will protect your design and also increase the value of your sign as a commercial asset.

The many advances in sign design and technology allow business owners to effectively communicate with their potential customers in a way that benefits both the business site as well as the community as a whole.

As you can see, branding your business is extremely important. That is the only way you can stay on the minds of your potential customers.

Does every small business need a lighted sign?

In a word YES! You need a lighted sign. People are driving past your business 24 hours a day. You need a way to communicate with them even when your business is not open. You can do this with a lighted sign. With a lighted sign a small business owner will be able to create “top of the mind awareness” by constantly and consistently presenting their name, logo and products in their local community. The goal is to make your business a household name.

You see, the primary reason for having a sign is to communicate your message to your target audience in a readable manner as much as possible. In order to accomplish this during all hours you must has a lighted sign.

Here are 4 reasons why every business should have a lighted sign:

• The sign will pay for itself many times over. If you are able to communicate with your potential customers no matter what time of day it is you are going to increase the traffic in your store which will in turn increase your sales.
• Electric signs are very energy efficient. Cabinet signs are usually illuminated with fluorescent lamps. Lighted letters are usually lit up with neon tubing. Either way both of these signs are highly energy efficient.
• Lighted signs consume electric energy during night hours
• Lighted signs are important for safety. During the 1973 energy crisis lighted signs were proven to be a vital part of the safety of communities. The ordinance passed to turn off signs was quickly reversed when crime went up and business volume went down.

As you can see a lighted sign has many benefits. Do your research and find the perfect lighted sign for your company. If you are able to communicate with your potential customers 24 hours a day you will increase the traffic to your store.

How To Acquire New Customers & increase profit with an on-premise sign

As a business owner I am sure you are always looking for new ways to increase your customer base. Many business owners have been in business for years and have never purchased a sign. Signs are so beneficial. It is important for every business to have one.

With this article I want to share with you a study that was done that shows just how valuable a sign is to the bottom line of every business.

In 1995 the University of San Diego did a study on the performance of on-premise signs. This study was done in two parts. The first part of the study involved analyzing a group of variables such as signage, location, population’s demographics, hours of operation, etc.. at 162 southern California major fast food chains. Each variable was tested at each of the 162 locations to help predict the impact on-premise signs have on:

1. annual sales revenues
2. annual number of transactions
3. the average dollar amount spent per transaction.

The study showed that the number of signs at a particular location directly affected both annual sales revenue and the number of annual customer transactions. Here are the exact findings of the study:

1. On average, one additional on-premise sign resulted in an increase in annual sales revenues of 4.75%. This translates to a $23,750 increase in average sales revenues for a typical store in the study group with annual sales of $500,000.
2. On average, one additional on-premise sign increased the annual number of transactions by 3.93%. This translates into more than 3,900 additional transactions for a store with an annual average of 100,000 transactions.
3. On average, one additional 36-square-foot wall sign added $0.06 per transaction, while one additional 144-square-foot pole sign added $0.78 per transaction.

Now for part two of the study. In part two of the study seven years of weekly sales data for Pier 1 Imports was analyzed. The data was analyzed so they could measure the effects of modifications, additions, or removal of on-premise signs on sales performance. As a result researchers found, and I quote, "on-premise signage has a statistically significant and financially substantive impact on the revenues of a site[and]... is a significant constituent of the factors causing the success of a retail endeavor." Here is a very brief summary of what the study found:

1. The addition of new signage to previously unsigned buildings, and the replacement of existing signage (generally, with larger signs) resulted in an average revenue increase of 5%.
2. The addition of a pole sign, or a plaza identity sign including the store's name, resulted in an average increase in weekly sales of 5-10%. The increase was attributed by the researchers to the new signs' enhancement of site visibility to passing traffic.
3. The addition of small directional signs indicating entrance and exit routes resulted in weekly sales increases ranging from 4-12%. The increases were attributed to the signs' ability to guide a site-bound shopper more than any specific advertising effect.

As you can see an on-premise sign can have a very positive affect on profitability. If used properly an on-premise sign will pay for itself many times over.

Understanding how your business sign will be regulated

It is no secret that every business should invest in some type of signage. But before you do there are a few regulations you should be aware of.

Here are the two categories in which business signage is regulated:

1. Building & Electrical codes - Any permanent business sign has to conform to all applicable building and electrical codes. Making sure your signs comply with all codes will take some technical expertise. Before you have your sign installed make sure the company that is installing it agrees that they are responsible for making sure your sign/s comply with all codes.

2. Zoning & sign codes – The majority of all local government agencies regulate how business signs are displayed. Most codes include the following:

• Regulation of the size, number and location of signs – Local zoning and sign codes tend to regulate those 3 things. For instance, a specific code might specify that a “directional" sign must be within so many feet from the edge of the entry/exit or that a "freestanding"sign must be set back so many feet from the public right-of-way.

• Permit Applications & Approvals - Before the permit process begins the sign company or business owner must obtain an application from the local government office. Requirements vary from state to state but normally the applicant is required to submit information related to the construction and installation of the sign. The application fee has to be paid in full Provisions before your application will be reviewed.

• Provision for a variance – According to a variance is a "flexibility" device that allows a local government to provide a property owner with relief from the normal application of a restriction in the zoning code, such as minimum lot or building size or set back requirements. If the visibility of your sign is compromised due to certain codes you should request a variance.

• Treatment of Nonconforming Signs & Amortization – It is not uncommon for local governments to change zoning and sign codes every now and again. It is very unlikely that the local government will change the zoning and sign codes entirely. If your business sign was in compliance with the “old” code but is not in compliance with the “new” code then your sign would be considered a “legal non-conforming sign”. As a business owner you have the right to keep your “legal non-conforming sign”. You are not required to bring the sign into compliance with the “new” code.

As you can see there are several legal issues to take into consideration before purchasing a business sign. Knowing and understanding all of them is very important. Take the time to do a little research so you can get a full understanding before you spend any money on a sign.

The different Types of sidewalk signs

Every business needs a sign. I am sure you have heard that a million plus times. But the sad truth is even though a lot of business owners hear this over and over they still never take the time to get one. You see, a sidewalk sign can boost your sales by up to 30%. Why would you want to just leave that money floating around out there for the next man to get it?

I know that it can sometimes be confusing with all the choices you have but that is no excuse. Do your research and figure out what the best sign is for your company. As stated before, a sidewalk sign can boost your sales by up to 30%.

Now before you run out and pick up any old sidewalk sign lets discuss the different types of sidewalk signs available to you.

The A Frame Sign– The A-frame is a very popular sign. Given its name because it is shaped like the letter A, the A-Frame is a very durable sign. It is very easy to transport back and forth. The A-Frame comes with either a changeable message board which allows you to change your message whenever you want or with a blank face that is ready for graphics. Just have your graphics printed up and slap it on there.

The Sidewalk Swinger Sign - This is a great sign. The sidewalk swinger sign is bigger than your average A-Frame sign. It is durable and very versatile. It has a contemporary design that will grab the attention of almost every person walking by as it gently swings. You can get the sidewalk swinger either blank so you can customize it or with letter tracks for use as a changeable message sign.

The Tip 'n Roll Sign - The tip n roll sign is just what it sounds like. A sign that tips and rolls for easy moving. What could be better than that? Just grip it by the handle, tip it and start rolling. It really is that simple. With the tip n roll you won’t have to worry about getting dirty or wet from moving your sign. The tip n roll comes with a blank face for customization or with letter tracks to be used as a changeable message sign.

There are many more sidewalk signs available on the market today. I have just listed a few popular ones for you to consider. Remember to always do your research before you go out and purchase a sign. You want to make sure you get the most effective sign for your business.

Neon Signs – Does Your Business need one?

Neon signs are a great way to attract potential customers. They are bright and easy to read. Every day you pass by dozens of businesses that use the “Open” neon sign to let you know they are open for business. Neon signs are known to increase a stores visibility. With more visibility comes more traffic which in turn will equal more profit for the business.

Though the “Open” neon sign is probably the most commonly used neon sign, you can customize them to say just about anything. There are really no limits to what you can do with your neon sign.

If you have an ATM in your business the best way to increase its usage is by placing a neon “ATM” sign above it. Are your restrooms in a hard to find place? If so the best way to direct your customers is with a neon “restroom” sign.

Neon signs are very appealing and visible from far distances. That alone is a good enough reason for every business to invest in one. A neon sign can be advertising for you all day and all night long. Unlike the various sidewalk signs that are great for use during the day,the neon sign can be read clearly during the evening. So even when you’re not there you are able to tell your potential customers what you offer.

If you run any type of business that caters to the after dark crowd, such as a restaurant, a bar or a hotel, then it is a must that you have a neon sign. How else will they know you are there and open for business?

All neon signs are customizable and considered to be very affordable. However, prices do vary depending on things such as size and color.

Get Your Business Noticed With A Custom Neon Sign

Let us first look at a little history of the neon sign. The invention of the first neon sign dates back to 1910 and is credited to a Frenchman by the name of Georges Claude. On December 11, 1910 Georges Claude showed off his invention, the first neon lamp, to the public in Paris.

On January 19, 1915 Georges Claude received a U.S Patent for the neon lighting tube and 8 years later in 1923 he introduced neon gas signs to the United States.

In the early times you could only get a sign in one color which was red. Now as technology has advanced you are able to get a custom neon sign in over 100 different colors.

Neon signs have become more and more popular in today’s society. Their bright colorful lights have the ability to capture the imagination of the consumer. A custom neon sign will not only get you noticed but it will make your business much more memorable.

Businesses all over quickly embraced the power of a custom neon sign. Go into just about any store today and you are sure to see at least one neon sign.

With a custom neon sign you are in control of what message your sign displays. It can say absolutely anything you want it to say.

Custom neon signs are also the best way to give your business exposure during the night. What better way to let people know what you have to offer than by displaying on a big custom neon sign?

Custom neon signs are very affordable and have many benefits. This makes them a very smart advertising investment. You are sure to get your monies worth on one of these.

Why Should I have a business sign?

This is the question most often asked by business owners. My answer to that is “Why Shouldn’t you have a sign?” A good sign has the ability to advertise for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year. So you see, even when you are not there you can still be getting your message to your potential customers. Signs are one of the most effective yet least expensive forms of advertisement. In many cases a sign can be the difference between your business succeeding or failing. Here are 4 reasons why your business should have an on premise sign.

1. It affects memory – People are always walking and/or driving by your business. Half of them probably have no idea what your business has to offer them. If they see your sign over and over again eventually they will start to remember what you have to offer and next time they need what you offer you are more likely to be the first business to pop in their heads.

2. It acts as a reinforcer – Let’s say you have a commercial running on the radio. People probably hear about 10 times a day. If you have this same message on your sign it reinforces your other advertising efforts. It helps extend the life of your advertising message.

3. It attracts new customers – If you are having a sale or some type of special put it on your sign. People love to get a great deal so this will encourage unplanned stops and impulse buys. Most retail businesses thrive on impulse buys. These new customers could potentially turn into regulars and that could have a great impact on your bottom line.

4. It modifies purchasing habits - Advertising a great deal on a sign could cause your regulars to purchase more than they normally do. Signs are the best place for pricing information.

There are many other reasons why you need a sign for your business. Just these 4 alone can have a huge impact on your sales. Do your research and find a sign that is right for your business.

Legal issues to consider before purchasing a business sign

A sign is a very important part of any business. A sign has the ability to get your message out 24 hours a day 7 days a week. BUT, before you run out and purchase a business sign there are a few legal issues you need to keep in mind.

The first thing you should know is that business signs are regulated by local government. They control the size, construction, numbers, location and much more. You should be able to find the standards for construction, materials and operation in your local building codes.

The second issue you will need to keep in mind is that business signs are considered a form of “commercial speech” therefore you have significant protection under the First Amendment of the U.S Constitution. The Fourteenth Amendment requires local governments to provide due process and equal treatment to all in regards to the sign permitting process. Make sure you do some research and get a full understanding of the First and Fourteenth Amendment before you purchase a sign.

The third thing you should know is that there are federal laws that protect sign companies and business owners from having their designs and artwork from being copied with out their permission. The message that you put on your sign is also protected by federal law. For example if a sign company has a unique method that they use to construct their signs they can have that method protected with a patent. A business owner can also have the original artwork they use on their sign protected by getting it copyrighted.

The fourth and final issue to consider is whether or not you will lease or buy your sign. A sign is considered a business asset and receives the same tax treatment as any other business property that is tangible.

These are the 4 main issues you need to consider before you purchase a sign. Remember to do your research. Make sure you understand all zoning codes and all of your rights as a sign owner.

How to understand the different types of signs

I am sure you have read plenty of articles stressing the importance of having some sort of sign for your business. Signs are probably one of the most effective forms of advertisement. When it comes to searching for a sign things can get a little complicated due to the fact that there are literally tons of different signs to choose from. Though there are many signs to choose from there are basically only 3 main types of signs. Here are the 3 main types of signs you will have to choose from.

1. Building Mounted Signs – The first type of sign is the building mounted sign. Building mounted signs are signs that are attachedto some part of the building. For example the roof or the marquee. These signs can be either parallel or perpendicular to the building.

2. Freestanding Signs – The second type of sign is the freestanding sign. The freestanding sign does not attach to the building. It stands alone. Freestanding signs range from the small sidewalk sign to the big marquee that sits off the highway.

3. Interior Signs – The third type of sign is the interior sign. Interior signs are used in malls, movie theaters, office buildings and the like. Interior signs have two mail purposes. The first is to abide by local and federal law by providing guidance in a safe manner. Especially to those with disabilities. The second is to persuade buyers to make certain purchases.

Remember, the three main types of signs are Building mounted, Freestanding and Interior. There are several different types of signs under each one of those main categories. Do your research and make sure you get the best sign for your business. A sign is a very vital part of your business. It has the ability to make or break your business.

How to figure out what is the most effective sign for your business

How to figure out what is the most effective sign for your business

As you know having a sign for your business is a very wise investment. A sign can literally make or break a business. A sign is your way to communicate with your audience even if you are not there. A sign works for you 24 hours a day.

Before you purchase a sign you should consider a few things. After all you want to make sure you get the most effective sign for you business. Figuring out what sign is most effective for your business will be influenced by things such as the type of business it is and the location of your business.

Here is a general guideline that you can follow when figuring out what the most effective sign for your business will be. These guidelines will help you increase the effectiveness of your sign.

1. You want a sign that will attract as many potential customers as possible. When looking for a sign ask yourself would you stop if you saw the sign. Would the sign grab your attention or would you barely even notice it? These are important factors to keep in mind. You also want to make sure that your sign projects the desired image.

2. The next thing you want to consider is how visible will the sign be. Will people easily be able to see your sign? Visibility is very important. If they can’t see the sign then they won’t know it’s there and they won’t be reading it. You have to think about how far or how close you are to the street. If you are far from the street then you will need a much bigger sign in order to be seen. You will also want to make sure that your sign is easy to read. If people can’t read the message on your sign then the sign is useless.

3. You should get a sign that is as large as allowable for your location. You have to consider zoning issues and the building codes..

There are many factors that come into play when considering the effectiveness of your sign. Do your research. As stated before a sign can literally make or break your business.

How to evaluate your business signage needs

Before a business owner puts up a sign it is of the utmost importance that the owner evaluates the business and its location. There are several factors a business owner should consider before purchasing a outdoor sign. Here are a few.

#1 – What type of business do you operate? – The first thing you should consider is the type of business you are running. Figure out what goals you wish to accomplish with your sign. For example, do you operate a business that needs to be branded? For example a barber shop or a nail salon. If this is the case you need a roadside sign to let your potential customers know that you are there when they need your service. You want to be the first thing to come to their mind when they need what you are offering.

#2 – What type of street is your business located on? – The second thing to consider is what type of street your businessis located on. Are there one, two, three or even four lanes of traffic? The wider the street the less effective a small roadside is. Your sign would be masked because of all the traffic. You would need to mount your sign up higher to compensate for the loss of visibility.

#3 – Speed of traffic – The 3rd thing you should consider is how fast or slow traffic moves on the street you are located on. The faster the traffic the larger your sign and text need to be so it is readable from a long distance. If traffic moves at a slow pace you could get away with a regular size roadside sign.

These are just a few factors to consider before purchasing a sign for your business. Remember a sign is the most effective yet least expensive form of advertising. A sign has the potential to literally make or break your business. Be sure to consider all factors before you make your purchase.

Understanding How the First and Fourteenth Amendments affect the regulation of a business sign

Purchasing a sign for your business is probably one of the best investments you will make. But, before you go out and purchase a sign it is very important that you understand your rights as a sign owner. In this article I will discuss the First and Fourteenth Amendment as it pertains to having a business sign.

The First Amendment gives you the right of freedom of speech and assembly, freedom of the press and freedom of religious expression.

The Fourteenth Amendment (we will discuss it below) makes it so the sign code in your local area must comply with the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of expression. Therefore, whatever you say on your sign is protected by the constitution.

A big issue with sign code is whether or not it regulates a sign based on its content. Though it is not necessarily unconstitutional for a sign to be regulated by its content, the courts evaluate “content-based” regulations based on something that is known as “strict scrutiny”. According to and I quote “Strict scrutiny is the most stringent standard of judicial review used by United States courts reviewing federal law. Along with the lower standards of rational basis review and intermediate scrutiny, strict scrutiny is part of a hierarchy of standards courts employ to weigh an asserted government interest against a constitutional right or policy that conflicts with the manner in which the interest is being pursued. Strict scrutiny is applied based on the constitutional conflict at issue, regardless of whether a law or action of the U.S. federal government, a state government, or a local municipality is at issue.”

So here is what it boils down to. Any law that tries to regulate business signs in reference to the message that is displayed on that sign may be considered an unlawful intrusion on your constitutional rights.

The Fourteenth Amendment:

As stated above, The Fourteenth Amendment makes it so the sign code in your local area must comply with the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of expression. Therefore, whatever you say on your sign is protected by the constitution.

The following statement comes directly from in reference to the Fourteenth Amendment

“In order to pass constitutional muster, the permitting, licensing, conditional use or variance request procedure must, at minimum, be structured to assure easy understanding of objectively based requirements. In addition, reasonable application fees, speedy decision on the application by the permitting authority, and recourse to automatic and swift appeal of any denial must be provided. A failure to provide any one of these minimum procedural requirements can give rise to a claim that the process violates the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.”

Your sign is a way for you to communicate your business presence. Failure to provide you with minimum due process will result in a “prior restraint” issue. According to prior restraint is defined as “a legal term referring to a government'sactions that prevent materials from being published. Censorship that requires a person to seek governmental permission in the form of a license or imprimatur before publishing anything constitutes prior restraint every time permission is denied. More recently, prior restraint has often taken the form of an injunction or other governmental order prohibiting the publication of a specific document or subject. Sometimes, the government becomes aware of a forthcoming publication on a particular subject and seeks to prevent it. In other cases, the government attempts to halt ongoing publication and prevent its resumption. These injunctions are also usually considered to be cases of prior restraint, because future publications are stopped before they start.”

Any regulatory decisions that affect signs must be based solely on objective, quantitative criteria. Failure to do so may render the code unenforceable.

10 Design Tips For Outdoor Signs

An outdoor sign is important to any type of business. When it comes to the design of your sign there are a few design tips you should keep in mind in order for your sign to be as effective as possible. Here are the top 10 design Tips for effective signage:

1. Make sure your sign is visible and legible.
It is very important that the majority of people passing by your business are able to see and read your sign with ease.
People are driving past your business 24 hours a day. Make sure you are getting your message across to them clearly.

2. Grab the Readers attention.
Your sign should command the attention of people passing by. There should be something about your sign that makes people literally take a double take. Use large dominating text and pictorial graphics.

3. Keep things simple.
Do not crowd your sign with too many words. This can make your sign very hard to read from a distance. Use as few
words as possible. This is critical in order for your sign to be effective.

4. Use Technologies.
Add the time and temperature to your display. You can also use an Electronic Variable Message Center. The addition of a Time and Temperature display or an Electronic Variable Message Center can make your business a landmark in your community. Using an electronic message center will give you the ability to change the message on your sign whenever you please.

5. Appeal to impulse buyers.
Did you know that at least 55% of all retail sales are because of impulse buyers? Too many business owners make the mistake of thinking that a sign is just a way to identify their business.

6. Keep the sign in plain sight.
Put the sign as close to the street as the law allows. You want to make sure everyone passing by sees what you have to offer.

7. Avoid obstructions.
It is very important that you make sure your sign can be viewed without obstruction from any source. Get in your car and drive past your business from every angle possible. This will help you determine how visible your sign is or isn’t.

8. Make your sign memorable.
The message on your sign should be easy to remember. Use pictures, slogans and anything that will make potential customers remember your products and location.

9. Avoid clutter.
At least 30% of the sign’s face area should be left as white space. You don’t want to add too much to your sign. Clutter will make your message very hard to read. There must be a balance between white space and graphics and text.

10. Make it enticing.
Your sign should intrigue your potential customer so much that they can’t help but stop and see what you have to offer. Be creative. Your sign is often times considered your first impression.

Make sure you keep the 10 steps above in mind when considering what message to put on your sign. You want to make sure your sign is very effective in getting your message across.

6 reasons why every business needs an on premise outdoor sign

6 reasons why every business needs an on premise outdoor sign

Unless you are running some sort of illegitimate business it is an absolute must that your business has an outdoor sign. The best way to let people know that you exist is to place an outdoor sign in front of your business.

Did you know that using an outdoor sign is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to communicate with your
potential customers? Here are 6 reasons why every business needs a sign.

1. They are cost effective – Outdoor signs are one of the least expensive forms of advertisement there is yet they pack the biggest punch. An outdoor sign so valuable and important to your business.

2. It identifies you – A sign identifies you to new and existing customers. It is your introduction. It lets them know you are there.

3. It’s always working – A sign can be on the job for you all day everyday helping you get your message out and attract new customers.

4. People Judge your business by your sign – Unfortunately potential customers often judge your business by the way your sign looks. So make sure you have a nice professional looking sign.

5. "A business without a sign is a sign of no business." – That is a quote by a sign industry professional. You see many businesses have increased their business just because of the sign they had placed in front of it. On the other hand, many businesses have gone under because not enough potential customers knew there were there.

6. Society is extremely mobile – These days’ people are always on the go. Moving from here to there. As old customers leave you will need a way to let new potential customers know you exist. A sign is the best way to do that.

As you can see an outdoor sign is an extremely important part of any business.