Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The different Types of sidewalk signs

Every business needs a sign. I am sure you have heard that a million plus times. But the sad truth is even though a lot of business owners hear this over and over they still never take the time to get one. You see, a sidewalk sign can boost your sales by up to 30%. Why would you want to just leave that money floating around out there for the next man to get it?

I know that it can sometimes be confusing with all the choices you have but that is no excuse. Do your research and figure out what the best sign is for your company. As stated before, a sidewalk sign can boost your sales by up to 30%.

Now before you run out and pick up any old sidewalk sign lets discuss the different types of sidewalk signs available to you.

The A Frame Sign– The A-frame is a very popular sign. Given its name because it is shaped like the letter A, the A-Frame is a very durable sign. It is very easy to transport back and forth. The A-Frame comes with either a changeable message board which allows you to change your message whenever you want or with a blank face that is ready for graphics. Just have your graphics printed up and slap it on there.

The Sidewalk Swinger Sign - This is a great sign. The sidewalk swinger sign is bigger than your average A-Frame sign. It is durable and very versatile. It has a contemporary design that will grab the attention of almost every person walking by as it gently swings. You can get the sidewalk swinger either blank so you can customize it or with letter tracks for use as a changeable message sign.

The Tip 'n Roll Sign - The tip n roll sign is just what it sounds like. A sign that tips and rolls for easy moving. What could be better than that? Just grip it by the handle, tip it and start rolling. It really is that simple. With the tip n roll you won’t have to worry about getting dirty or wet from moving your sign. The tip n roll comes with a blank face for customization or with letter tracks to be used as a changeable message sign.

There are many more sidewalk signs available on the market today. I have just listed a few popular ones for you to consider. Remember to always do your research before you go out and purchase a sign. You want to make sure you get the most effective sign for your business.

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