Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to evaluate your business signage needs

Before a business owner puts up a sign it is of the utmost importance that the owner evaluates the business and its location. There are several factors a business owner should consider before purchasing a outdoor sign. Here are a few.

#1 – What type of business do you operate? – The first thing you should consider is the type of business you are running. Figure out what goals you wish to accomplish with your sign. For example, do you operate a business that needs to be branded? For example a barber shop or a nail salon. If this is the case you need a roadside sign to let your potential customers know that you are there when they need your service. You want to be the first thing to come to their mind when they need what you are offering.

#2 – What type of street is your business located on? – The second thing to consider is what type of street your businessis located on. Are there one, two, three or even four lanes of traffic? The wider the street the less effective a small roadside is. Your sign would be masked because of all the traffic. You would need to mount your sign up higher to compensate for the loss of visibility.

#3 – Speed of traffic – The 3rd thing you should consider is how fast or slow traffic moves on the street you are located on. The faster the traffic the larger your sign and text need to be so it is readable from a long distance. If traffic moves at a slow pace you could get away with a regular size roadside sign.

These are just a few factors to consider before purchasing a sign for your business. Remember a sign is the most effective yet least expensive form of advertising. A sign has the potential to literally make or break your business. Be sure to consider all factors before you make your purchase.

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