Friday, February 26, 2010

Using White Space on Your Portable Signs

When you have a sign of any type (Roadside Swinger Signs are shown above), it is always such a temptation to fill the sign and to make use of ALL of the available space. While this is certainly an option you can consider, don't choose a "full" sign without realizing the benefits of using the "white" space available on the sign.

Why should you consider using white space?
  1. A briefer message while using of white space makes the sign MUCH more scannable. And, if the message can be scanned more quickly, then it is more easily processed and logged into their mind.
  2. Longer messages take longer to put up on the sign. And, when it is cold out, this is not fun! :(
  3. Whenever messages are changed, longer messages involve more time in putting away the letters being removed from the sign. Unless, of course, the letters are all put in one big bag and not organized at all.
Bottom Line: The easier to read the message, the easier for your customers to act on your signs message. If the message is to involved to read, the potential customer will "filter out" the message and not act on what your sign suggested. Sell more by having concise messages!!

Interested in more sign options?
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Introducing the Deluxe Roadside Swinger Sign

The Swinger Roadside Sign now has a cousin - it is the Deluxe Roadside Swinger Sign. It comes with everything the Standard Roadside sign has PLUS a set of Deluxe letters which includes "Special" (see above)and "Sale" in a double-sized format. And, double sized numbers also come with the kit.

And, the other great thing about this sign is it ships UPS and NOT on a truck. If you need a 3 ft x 4 ft sign that packs LOTS of value, this is a sign to consider.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Black Sign Being Used To Support Cause

This Black Sign is being used to draw attention to this customers cause. This sign was sold in Washington State to the oyster farmers to protest government interference in their business.

Interested in a Black Sign for your business? Visit OR

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Differences in Changeable Sign Lettes

Recently, a customer ordered a set of the wrong letters. They were confused about the type of letters they needed. I hope I can explain the differences for all who read this blog.

There are 5 types of changeable letters sold on my website:

  • 030 letters: These are the most common type of letters. The most common size is "8 on 9". (8 inch letter on 8 15/16 or 9 inch panels) These letters are flexible enough that if bent over, they should be almost able to touch the other end. (not true if the letter has been in the sun awhile-the sun will make them yellow and likely crack if this is done.) The thickness of these letters is thinner than a credit card. And, if you choose to make your own sign using these letters, the correct track needs to be used. On some sizes, both CONDENSED and BOLD are available. Most commonly, they come as BLACK letters with RED numbers. With the '8 on 9', various colors are often available.
  • 060 letters: Less common letters-this is mostly due to expense. The thicker letters use more plastic, and thus the price is higher. They are slightly thicker than a credit card. And, their BIGGEST advantage is if the sign is in a windy area, they sign letters are less likely to blow out when thicker letters are used. If this sign letter is chosen, the correct track must also be used.
  • Pronto Letters: These letters are 080 letters. They are made by Gemini. They are more expensive than other letters, but they offer these BIG advantages. They have a lifetime warranty, and individual letters can be ordered. With the other sets, it is uncommon to be able to order individual letters. Often, I have customer who want to order additional numbers or commonly used letters. The Gemini letters let this be done easily.
  • Swinger Letters: These are a thinner sign panel, but they are not a common size panel. They are used on Springer, Swinger, Tip 'n Roll, and Cartop II from Magic Master. Due to the product line available from Magic Master, the letters come in 2 sizes: 4 inch and 5 inch.
  • Black Sign Letters: These signs are created by applying vinyl to black 4 mil coroplast. The vinyl is usually of a very bright (neon) color. (e.g. Pink, Green, and Yellow are the most common. White, blue, and red are also available.) Track can be purchased, but often the Black Signs and letters are purchased together.
Anythink I missed on changeable sign letters? Feel free to visit SignsSeen and send me a message.