Friday, February 26, 2010

Using White Space on Your Portable Signs

When you have a sign of any type (Roadside Swinger Signs are shown above), it is always such a temptation to fill the sign and to make use of ALL of the available space. While this is certainly an option you can consider, don't choose a "full" sign without realizing the benefits of using the "white" space available on the sign.

Why should you consider using white space?
  1. A briefer message while using of white space makes the sign MUCH more scannable. And, if the message can be scanned more quickly, then it is more easily processed and logged into their mind.
  2. Longer messages take longer to put up on the sign. And, when it is cold out, this is not fun! :(
  3. Whenever messages are changed, longer messages involve more time in putting away the letters being removed from the sign. Unless, of course, the letters are all put in one big bag and not organized at all.
Bottom Line: The easier to read the message, the easier for your customers to act on your signs message. If the message is to involved to read, the potential customer will "filter out" the message and not act on what your sign suggested. Sell more by having concise messages!!

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