Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Demoed Handheld LED Sign at College Baseball Game

At a recent Marist College baseball game played in Charlotte on the UNC - Charlotte campus, I watched my nephew play a very exciting game. They put all of the excitement into the first few innings, and then won as the scoring slowed in the latter innings.

While there, I provided morale support by using the Handheld LED Battery Sign. Without needing to reference the printed directions, both my kids and I had no problems putting in messages to communicate with my nephew. But, since he was involved in the game, he did not acknowledge the messages during the game. The sign may not make to many more appearances at baseball games, but it certainly could be a good fit at other public events:
  • Limo Sign (For Limousine / Taxi / Bus Drivers)
  • Conference
  • Trade Show
  • Sports Event (as stated above, maybe not best for baseball games, but certainly could be used in basketball games and other events held indoors where the sign is not in direct sunlight.)
  • Election
  • Travelling Tour
  • Concert Event
  • Scrolling Sign for any message purposes

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