Sunday, April 25, 2010

Magnetic LED Car Top Sign arrives at SignsSeen

SignsSeen was recently chosen to be a distributor of the car top LED sign. The ads are changeable, and the sign will not go anywhere....once you see the sign you will understand!

A Professional Car-Top Advertising Sign
Especially Designed for Small Businesses!

Rugged, durable, attractive and heavily magnetized for safe, convenient use, we manufacture one of America’s most versatile, professional and affordable “self-promotion advertising tools”. This unit can also function as an in-store window sign, a counter-top advertising display or a trade show booth ‘message board’.

For less than the expense of a one day newspaper ad, we give you a quality product… with plentiful copy area, strong magnetization, brilliant nighttime illumination AND an extra-safe roof-top mounting accessory. No other unit of its kind has so many patented attributes!

Our unit is safely HD magnetized for around town advertising OR supplement-ally secured for highway or strong cross-wind environments with our ACS ‘Roof Bracer’ TM.

Some of our unique, patent approved features are;

  • Temporary OR Permanent-Mount Use
    *Includes a supplemental Safety Brace Accessory KIT with key-lock, anti-theft & cross-wind safety features
  • LARGE 13” x 42” Dual Facing Ad Panels (plentiful copy area)
  • HD “SUPER MAGNETIZED”… with Rubber Coated Mounting Feet
  • INTERNALLY ILLUMINATED…with brilliant, long-life LEDs
  • 10 ft. Power Cord / 12 volt Adapter Plug (for nighttime use)
  • Quick-Change-out Paper Sign Inserts (inexpensive to produce)
  • Accessories allow to use your sign as an in-store hanging sign

It also serves as a supplemental signage mechanism where zoning regulations prohibit “fixed signage”.

No other automotive roof top advertising sign gives you so much diversity, safety AND VALUE… for so little expense!

Comes with everything you need to get your advertisement up and running.

  • (1) Roof Top Sign – Includes a 13″ x 42″ Sign Frame with LED lighting diodes, a lift-off Sign Insert Cover. (2) base-mount Cross Brackets and (4) sets of Rubber-Booted HD Magnet Mounting Feet (hardware & instructions included).
  • (1) Key-lock, anti-theft Safety Brace Bar ( Kit ) *for permanent-mount use
  • (1) 10 ft. Long Power Cord with 12 v Adapter Plug

Back To The Future… Gorilla Marketing 101

Whether you are a small business owner (a local merchant or contractor) OR a national chain (franchise owner or store manager), you know how difficult it is to continually stimulate new business.

There are so many media options to choose from. So much expense… What will work… What won’t?

Whether you are tactically soliciting for sales OR branding your company name (to become dominant over your competition), two key communication ingredients are critical that you accomplish… for “ching-ching” to occur.

“Use Occasion” AND “Radius To Location”.

  • Informing people who want what you have to offer.
  • Reaching people in proximity to where you are located.

Enter the word “Value“… *(at what cost) ??

  • Newspaper, billboards , radio, TV ? “Cost Per 1000 Impressions”… all short term AND certainly not “value priced” !
  • One Car Topper Sign – Only $349.00 – You decide where it goes, what it says *AND… You Own It (forever).

Take charge of your own advertising ! Deliver your message all over town
It’s Like Hanging Your Company Sign… On Main Street !

Car Top Advertisement

Who can best utilize our patented design Roof Top Sign?

If you think about it… about 80% of the businesses listed in any Yellow Page directory are candidates to put our Roof Top Sign into service TO STIMULATE public awareness of their products or services; not just taxi or pizza delivery vehicles. *The list is too long to mention here!

We didn’t design our roof-top advertising unit “to compete in the taxi industry”. We designed it to be useful and economical for the common, everyday merchant (retailers, contractors, service providers); *those people or companies who strive daily to search for “effective media options” within tight budget restraints. For less than the cost of an average priced newspaper ad (that expires in one week), a merchant can spend approximately the same amount on our roof-top unit… and own it / use it… for years!

Furthermore; our unit “nicely compliments” whatever other advertising a company elects to do. It significantly “reinforces” other advertising… in proximity “where you need it most” *(you decide where that is)

Don’t be shy… mount it proudly! Let people know “you mean business”. That’s what you’re in business for… stimulating sales that earns you income. Ponder the possibilities… Then call us.

Changing Your Ad Message

Changing your sign insert / message copy is quick and easy;

  1. Order a new message from any printer of your choice (using our sign print template, noted below)
  2. Lift the clear sign cover of your Roof Top Sign all the way upward / off
  3. Remove the old copy. *Roll it up gently for safe keeping.
  4. Gently take your new paper sign and drop it over the top of your signs frame
  5. Gently lower the sign cover down over your new sign copy until it is lowered all the way to the bottom (flush with both end brackets).

Note: If you remove the Roof Top Sign off the roof of your car to do these steps, be sure that your magnet feet are clean from any abrasive substances BEFORE you re-mount the sign to your roof.

It’s just that simple!!

This sign will soon be available on SignsSeen, but until it is, visit us at!

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