Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Handheld LED Displays for Employee Recognition

There are many uses for the "Limo Driver" Sign. We have sold them to the following audiences:

  • Limo Drivers who are trying to get the attention of their pickups at airport baggage claims
  • Conference name plates for conference attendees
  • Small scoreboards for kids sports events, and
  • MANY other uses.
But, the call we received today was the first I had heard of this use. The customer is running an employee promotion. And, the winner of the daily contest, will have the Promotional Name Plate on their cube for the day. The battery is good for 4-6 hours, but the sign can be plugged in for additional display time. And, the remote control will make it very easy to change the messages as OFTEN as necessary.

Of course, if the battery is not necessary, there are MANY other LED signs available to meet your specific needs.