Friday, July 2, 2010

Customer Spotlight of Sign Rental Business

I spoke to a customer of mine today, Budget Sign Rental. They are based in the Minneapolis, MN area. They are doing a few neat things with their signs:
  1. He is building his business around renting primarily white-backed signs.
  2. Every customer is given the best pricing, and the best possible customer service.
  3. He is building his own signs. And, for track, he is using finish trim like would be used with vinyl siding. He started using the standard Gemini acrylic track, but it was buckling a bit in the heat. So, the finish trim option worked better for him. And, to attach the "track" to the board, he used a shallow wood screw with the washer built-in.
  4. He bought multiple sets of Gemini Pronto Letters. Based on his research, he chose the 8 inch letters on 9 7/8 inch plastic. This would make sure the letters were visible from a good distance. And, the Gemini letters would make sure that they did not blow out due to the rigid plastic they are made with.
  5. And, for the larger letters, he is using coroplast with vinyl lettering.
  6. His business is growing, and he keeps on ordering letters. And, it all started with his ambition and the right products from SignsSeen.

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