Thursday, July 22, 2010

If The Programming of Your Indoor LED Sign Doesn’t Work, Try These:

(Written by my tech support)
Troubleshoot 1 Are you using the right COM Port? (Apply to Single Line Signs)
Answer: How To Find COM Port
1. Go to My Computer – Click View System Information (System Tasks from Left Side)
2. Click Hardware Tab
3. Click Device Manager
4. Ports – Click “+” to “–”
5. RS232 Serial: “Communication Port (COM1)” – Set COM1 when you send a message. If you see COM2, then
set COM2.
USB: “USB Port (COM6) – Set COM6 when you send a message.
*COM Number changes depending on your computer.

Troubleshoot 2 Did you install the USB/Serial Converter Software?
Answer: How To Install The Software
1. Insert the CD Driver to CD-ROM.
2. Computer automatically starts wizard. “Add New Hardware Wizard”.
3. Click Next
4. Check “Search for the best driver for your device (recommended).”
5. Click Next – Click to search driver from the CD-ROM drive D:\un8be-a\pc driver. (D: represents CD-ROM)
6. Windows will detect the driver and shows the USB HS Serial Converter.
7. Click Next – Click Next to continue and let Windows copy the needed files to your hard disk.
8. When Windows finished installing the software, click Finish.
9. See the Device Manager to check the USB HS Serial Converter.

Troubleshoot 3 Did you update the USB/Serial Converter?
Answer: How To Update Driver
1. Insert CD Driver to CD-ROM
2. Go to My Computer – Click View System Information (System Tasks from left side)
3. Click Hardware Tab
4. Click Device Manager
5. Ports – Click “+” to “–”+
6. Click USB Port – Right Click – Click Properties
7. Click Driver Tab – Click Update Driver
8. Automatic Search for The Right Driver
9. “Welcome to the Hardware Update Driver”
10. Check “Yes, now and every time I connect a device”
11. Click Next
12. Check “Install the software automatically (recommend)”
13. Click OK

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