Sunday, August 29, 2010

LED Module System for Indoor or Outdoors

I have posted about this sign in the past, but LED Module Tile sign is certainly worth highlighting again. The most unique feature, as seen in the above image, is the ability to make the sign the size and width you want it to be. (Height grows by 7 inches and the width by 23 inches)


  • Size: 23 x 7 x 1.36 inches (59 x 18 x 3 cm) - One Tile Is a Complete Display, Expandable Vertical & Horizontal
  • Visibility: 100 yards in full sunlight for 7" Tile
  • Power: 2 Watts When Displaying Message - 6 Watts With All LED's On
  • Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Purple, Pink, White
  • Fonts: 7", 12", 14" or larger fonts when a "master" tile is used with additional connecting tiles
  • Expandability: Any direction, stackable horizontally and vertically; Upgrades to existing displays, by just adding additional Smart Tiles LED Boards and upgrading the power supply.
  • Display Mode: Flash, Continuous Scroll, Random, Up, Down, Left, Right, Inverse
  • Finish: Conformal Coded Protects From Moisture, Dust, & Debris
  • Temperature: -20 degrees C to 48 degrees C (- 4F to 118F) Operating
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Programming: Wireless Radio Signal, 350 Feet Line Of Sight, IBM Wireless Full Size Keyboard, 3 Pre-Stored Messages Of Your Choice. One keyboard can control multiple signs.


  • Weather Proof For Outdoor Use
  • Make your business visible to potential customers
  • Flexibility Of Design - You Choose Where To Locate The Smart Tile LED Boards
  • Create Uniquely Attractive Signs With Multiple Display Settings - Available In Many Different Colors
  • Compact and Lightweight, it can easily be used on vehicles or other portable/mobile applications
  • Easy To Install and Program With Custom Messages and Special Effects
If you want an inexpensive outdoor sign, I have sold quite a few of these signs for that purpose. If you want a LARGE outdoor LED sign, this is probably not the best option. You will probably want to consider other outdoor LED products. But, if you are not sure if this is for you, please give us a call or email and let us help.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Scammers (Part 3)

They are coming daily lately. I do NOT sell rope and if he looked at my website, he would know and not have tried to suck me in to his scam. No matter what the economy, if it seems to good to be true, it almost ALWAYS is....


This is XXXX XXXXX With regards to your Company i am sending this email regards to order Wire Rope ,Please find my specification below

Size: 8000Ft 3/8 inch Galvanized Wire Rope with 6x19 Construction.

Kindly let me know the type that you have so that i will have a look at that and then let you know the one that will be okay with me,if you don't have have this specification ,get back to me now with the pricing information Plus Gst Only.Do you accept credit card as form of payment in your company. (Visa ,Master,Amx etc).If you dont sell this product please the me know what you sell

I will be waiting for your kinds response so that we can proceed on.


SignsSeen and MANY other sign companies don't need to follow this type of business. They are here to serve legitimate businesses, and provide advise to help their business grow.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scammers (Part 2)

Well, it continues....

This email this morning was sent to me 3 times. It wasn't sent to my email, and it was marked "Very, Very Urgent Email". Did I receive it three times because it was SO urgent OR because he was sending out a bulk email and had 3 of my email addresses in his list?

His email follows....


Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Thomas Ray, and i will like you to help me with an order of (Banners) size 30" x 50"
Logo (LET HELP EDUCATE THE KIDS) . the work will be arrange as this:



1. measures 30 x 50 inches
2. One sided on Vinyl.
3. Full copies Red Ink and the color of the Background i want is Blue
4. l want you to write of the Banner ( Save the child ) For the Artwork.
5. With grommet for out door use

I need 120 in quantity and want to know if you can get them for me and i attach the art work.
I also want to know the price of it and also make the total price including Tax, so that i can make my payment with my Credit card And Please provide a quote on 120 copies and please can you send me an email reply back with the Estimate price of that plus tax without shipping. Advise me the method of of payment you accept so that we can proceed with this order. I will be Looking forward to hear back from you so that we can proceed with the Order .



IF you receive emails like this, just ignore....

Other questions?


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Scammers Trying To Scam Sign Shops

SignsSeen was contacted by another "scammer". They have contacted us in the past on eBay, but I now occasionally get emails on banners and today, signs. When they only care about what payments you take and don't care about the shipping or product quality, it is a BIG clue. My most recent one today did NOT care about the color of the sign and wanted me to arrange shipping to Greenland. And, they ALWAYS seem to be a Dr., a minister or somebody else important. If it sounds like "easy" money, be cautious.

On my previous eBay transaction, I played him to the point where I received the check. My bank told me it was questionable. This confirmed what I thought, so I didn't deposit it. And, the SCAMMER then sent me emails concerned that I hadn't followed through. ( He disappeared pretty quickly when I told him I had contacted the authorities.

Bottom Line: Be very cautious when a nice order comes in from out-of-the-blue. It is much easier to live without the "cash", then to deal with the loss of product and the loss of cash. Purchase in confidence from SignsSeen. We take care of our customers, and follow-through on our commitments.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Problems with one manufactures signs

I work with some very good manufactures as I seek appropriate sign products for my customers. And, if I have a customer that has problems, I try to pass the information along. What follows is one customers concerns with one of the products, the Dual Sided Roadside Sign. In fairness, she bought just the sign faces and the letters, but her experience with the yellowing letters and uncooperative track is not unusual.

Dual Sided Roadside Sign-48\"x36\"

Her email follows:

Perhaps it has been two years since I purchased a signboard from your company for our church in XXXXXX, Ohio. The board is approximately 34 x 48, I don't remember the exact dimensions. I also purchased a set of letters, and then another set when the first set wasn't enough.

The sign has serious problems, and has become very difficult to work with. The horizontal strips of plastic that hold the letters and numbers in place are not glued in place exactly parallel, and sometimes the letters are too small and fall out, and sometimes they are too big and bulge out. After a while, depending on which line the letter went on, I would have to trim the letter to fit. Then when the letter was used on a different line, it would fall out. I am at the point now where every letter has to be taped in. The other problem is the vinyl letters warp in the sun. Many letters from the two sets of letters warped so badly and are no longer usable. I am at the point that I am no longer trying to use the sign.

I did not report this problem to the local company from which I purchased the sign. I am telling you this so you might make the necessary changes so other customers won't have the frustrating experience that we did.

If you are looking for a 3 foot x 4 foot sign that will ship with UPS and is immune to many of the problems below, consider the Swinger Roadside Sign. It is available in both Deluxe and Standard versions.

SWINGER Roadside Changeable Message Sidewalk Sign