Sunday, August 29, 2010

LED Module System for Indoor or Outdoors

I have posted about this sign in the past, but LED Module Tile sign is certainly worth highlighting again. The most unique feature, as seen in the above image, is the ability to make the sign the size and width you want it to be. (Height grows by 7 inches and the width by 23 inches)


  • Size: 23 x 7 x 1.36 inches (59 x 18 x 3 cm) - One Tile Is a Complete Display, Expandable Vertical & Horizontal
  • Visibility: 100 yards in full sunlight for 7" Tile
  • Power: 2 Watts When Displaying Message - 6 Watts With All LED's On
  • Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Purple, Pink, White
  • Fonts: 7", 12", 14" or larger fonts when a "master" tile is used with additional connecting tiles
  • Expandability: Any direction, stackable horizontally and vertically; Upgrades to existing displays, by just adding additional Smart Tiles LED Boards and upgrading the power supply.
  • Display Mode: Flash, Continuous Scroll, Random, Up, Down, Left, Right, Inverse
  • Finish: Conformal Coded Protects From Moisture, Dust, & Debris
  • Temperature: -20 degrees C to 48 degrees C (- 4F to 118F) Operating
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Programming: Wireless Radio Signal, 350 Feet Line Of Sight, IBM Wireless Full Size Keyboard, 3 Pre-Stored Messages Of Your Choice. One keyboard can control multiple signs.


  • Weather Proof For Outdoor Use
  • Make your business visible to potential customers
  • Flexibility Of Design - You Choose Where To Locate The Smart Tile LED Boards
  • Create Uniquely Attractive Signs With Multiple Display Settings - Available In Many Different Colors
  • Compact and Lightweight, it can easily be used on vehicles or other portable/mobile applications
  • Easy To Install and Program With Custom Messages and Special Effects
If you want an inexpensive outdoor sign, I have sold quite a few of these signs for that purpose. If you want a LARGE outdoor LED sign, this is probably not the best option. You will probably want to consider other outdoor LED products. But, if you are not sure if this is for you, please give us a call or email and let us help.


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