Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Problems with one manufactures signs

I work with some very good manufactures as I seek appropriate sign products for my customers. And, if I have a customer that has problems, I try to pass the information along. What follows is one customers concerns with one of the products, the Dual Sided Roadside Sign. In fairness, she bought just the sign faces and the letters, but her experience with the yellowing letters and uncooperative track is not unusual.

Dual Sided Roadside Sign-48\"x36\"

Her email follows:

Perhaps it has been two years since I purchased a signboard from your company for our church in XXXXXX, Ohio. The board is approximately 34 x 48, I don't remember the exact dimensions. I also purchased a set of letters, and then another set when the first set wasn't enough.

The sign has serious problems, and has become very difficult to work with. The horizontal strips of plastic that hold the letters and numbers in place are not glued in place exactly parallel, and sometimes the letters are too small and fall out, and sometimes they are too big and bulge out. After a while, depending on which line the letter went on, I would have to trim the letter to fit. Then when the letter was used on a different line, it would fall out. I am at the point now where every letter has to be taped in. The other problem is the vinyl letters warp in the sun. Many letters from the two sets of letters warped so badly and are no longer usable. I am at the point that I am no longer trying to use the sign.

I did not report this problem to the local company from which I purchased the sign. I am telling you this so you might make the necessary changes so other customers won't have the frustrating experience that we did.

If you are looking for a 3 foot x 4 foot sign that will ship with UPS and is immune to many of the problems below, consider the Swinger Roadside Sign. It is available in both Deluxe and Standard versions.

SWINGER Roadside Changeable Message Sidewalk Sign

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