Thursday, August 5, 2010

Scammers Trying To Scam Sign Shops

SignsSeen was contacted by another "scammer". They have contacted us in the past on eBay, but I now occasionally get emails on banners and today, signs. When they only care about what payments you take and don't care about the shipping or product quality, it is a BIG clue. My most recent one today did NOT care about the color of the sign and wanted me to arrange shipping to Greenland. And, they ALWAYS seem to be a Dr., a minister or somebody else important. If it sounds like "easy" money, be cautious.

On my previous eBay transaction, I played him to the point where I received the check. My bank told me it was questionable. This confirmed what I thought, so I didn't deposit it. And, the SCAMMER then sent me emails concerned that I hadn't followed through. ( He disappeared pretty quickly when I told him I had contacted the authorities.

Bottom Line: Be very cautious when a nice order comes in from out-of-the-blue. It is much easier to live without the "cash", then to deal with the loss of product and the loss of cash. Purchase in confidence from SignsSeen. We take care of our customers, and follow-through on our commitments.

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